Daxium 5 Audits and controls

Realise easily your audits, controls and inspections.

Regulatory constraints, your internal processes, the monitoring of your external activities or those of your partners, such as the surveillance of real estate or industrial infrastructures, require the regular collection and reporting of structured, exhaustive information to improve the performance and security of your organisation, your teams and your customers.
Daxium-Air centralises these informations, making it exhaustive, instantaneous, and reliable.

Daxium supports exchanges between all mobile teams
Easily create web and mobile forms for your audit and control activities

Digitalise your audits, inspections and controls.

For companies and organisations carrying out regular audits, inspections and controls, it is essential to be able to collect a large amount of data of all kinds (measurements, photos, plans) efficiently in the field. Once transmitted to the sedentary teams, structured, exhaustive reports will be produced and transmitted to all stakeholders. Daxium-Air allows any organisation to digitise these operations via audit forms, thanks to its mobile form editor and report generation plateform.

Simply create your web and mobile audit forms.

Each inspection, inventory, audit and control operation consists of measuring criteria most often represented in the form of forms : check boxes, multiple choice lists, comments, photos, plans… The Daxium-Air platform allows you to build these mobile audit forms in complete autonomy to allow data entry in the field, capable of operating in disconnected mode, and compatible with all tablets and smartphones on the market.

Easily create web and mobile forms for your audit and control activities
Plan audits, inspections and controls with Daxium-Air.

Plan audits and inspections for your teams.

Daxium’s multi-user planning tool helps you visually organise the weekly tasks of your teams responsible for carrying out audits, inspections and controls on your customers’ sites. You can then follow the operations carried out in real time from the audit forms, click on the schedule to consult the audit report, which you can correct from the central web space. This calendar has many configurable views for all your employees and subcontractors.

Send your mobile forms via PDF, Word, Excel reports.

Your mobile audit, control and inspections forms can automatically generate customisable reports to Word, Excel or PDF formats. These reports can sometimes be dozens of pages long with the fields filled in on the form, tables, photos, automatic summary… The generated reports can be sent to list of configurable recipients, according to publication processes. It is thus possible to define the rules for sending these reports : instantaneous, daily, weekly, every Monday at 8AM, etc.

Discover our no-code platform to create your mobile applications.

Daxium-Air is web and mobile platform adapted to the audit and inspection sectors. Easy to use, it allows you to digitise your audit forms and automate the sending of your reports.

Our use cases for the trades
audit, control and inspection.

Contrôles réglementaires

Contrôles réglementaires

Inventories of urban and industrial heritage

Lifting of reserves in construction and real estate

Industrial quality control


Property and industrial inventory

HQSE audits

Structural health monitoring

Multi-annual infrastructure inspections and visits

Comprehensive insurance claims reports

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use Daxium-Air on a daily basis.