The all-in-one no-code solution
to follow your field activities.

Create your custom web & mobile applications.

Collect, share and compile field information.

Daxium supports exchanges between all mobile teams

Daxium-Air improves exchanges between the headquarters and the field.

Construction, Civil Engineering, Retail, Trade & Distribution, Industry, Facility Management, Certification bodies, Real Estate… As soon as you have teams in the field, you need to streamline exchanges to gain in responsiveness. And this, whatever your job. Operations, Methods, Chief Digital Officers, Maintenance, QHSE…

Daxium-Air simplifies field data collection and automates tasks such as reports and tasks management. It also offers seamless integration with other software, enabling you to leverage data from multiple sources and enhance overall performance. With Daxium-Air, you can optimize processes, improve efficiency, and make informed decisions by harnessing the power of integrated data.

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Daxium-Air has solutions that fit your needs.


Customize your web/mobile solution.

Applications library.

Publish your own App Factory.


Optimize your teams’ rounds.


Get feedback from the field.


Drive the growth of your business.


Increase productivity by creating
and disseminating your reports.

Plan and

Follow your field teams in real time.


Automate and customize
your customer communication.

See what’s happening in the field in real time.

Thanks to the Daxium-Air SaaS platform, users in the field can efficiently send and receive all data related to their activities using their phones :
  • They have the ability to : enter a wide range of information, including writing reports, automatically sending reports in a pre-formatted format, filling in forms with commercial or technical information (text, numerical, picture, free or selectable), and signing documents.
  • Visualize their KPIs, schedules, and agendas in real time, display maps, scan QR codes and NFC tags to access defined applications and forms.
On the web platform, collaborators can : create forms to collect data, send forms to their teams, assign tasks, consolidate data from the field for processing and analysis in different formats. The Daxium-Air SaaS platform empowers users in the field and facilitates collaboration and efficient data management across the entire workflow.

Advantages of Daxium-Air.

Decide better, faster.

Thanks to the integration of customizable dashboards, Daxium-Air allows you to analyze all your data in real time. In addition, a multitude of features have been designed to improve productivity: automatic emails, reminders, notifications, validation, etc…

Harness the potential of your data.

Your information is standardized, structured and usable. Daxium-Air allows you to centralize and consolidate data from the field with your existing information systems (ERP, CRM, etc.).

Gain autonomy.

Thanks to Daxium-Air’s code-free technology, you can create your own applications. From your back office, you can make all the changes you want, in real time and with complete autonomy.

Why choose Daxium-Air?

Customer testimonials.

Daniel Beaubouchez
Digitalization & Innovation Manager – SPIE CityNetworks

With Daxium-Air, we can digitize all our businesses in record time.

Audrey Tallotte

Business Analyst – L’Oréal

In 2 weeks, we deployed Daxium-Air in 6 countries, and obtained results for a real time analysis.

François-Xavier Charbonnel

Middle East Manager – Parrot

The Daxium team has been very helpful in helping us set up the application, including abroad.

Olivier Rodet


Daxium-Air is a unique solution that allows our customers to manage and monitor their interventions in real time.

Nabil Amar

General Manager – Cash Plus

Daxium-Air has allowed us to industrialize our processes and reach our objectives more quickly.

Gonzague de La Haye

CEO – Dedale
Daxium-Air has enabled us to cut our reporting time by around a factor of 3, since we no longer have to re-enter any data.
Marion Desormeaux
Marketing & Trade Manager – Esthederm
As managers, we can now monitor performance directly from our computer.
Bassirou Ndiaye

General Manager – Solarcom

Daxium-Air saves us time in receiving information from the field teams with uniformity in the 490 daily reports.

Sophie Ravanas
Brand Director – L’Oreal
The team now spends an hour less in the office and an hour more in the field every day.
Nathalie Fouquet
Sales Director – LVMH Perfumes & Cosmetics, Middle East Africa

Since the application was deployed, we receive daily sales reports from each of our salespeople.

Samir Najib

Team Leader – Sephora

The processes were time consuming and not standardized. Daxium-Air allows us to be 20% more productive.
Pascal Lemarchand
General Manager – StopGraff Groupe Samsic
Daxium-Air is an intelligent, efficient and flexible solution, helping us to respond precisely to our customers’ needs.
Pascal Vocanson
Area Manager – Urbaine de Travaux, Fayat Group
In 1 year, we have gained in productivity and respect for business processes for complete customer satisfaction.

They trust us.