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Centralize on-site data from your industrial sites.

Your industry encompasses various sectors involving the handling of extensive data. Standardizing your processes and centralizing your on-site data helps improve the management of your activities. The use of a mobile application like Daxium-Air supports you from data collection in the field to the management and analysis of your data. It also makes daily tasks easier for your teams through digitized processes and a user-friendly tool.

Your Daxium-Air application for industrial inspections and maintenance
Customize your forms for your industry

Tailor your mobile business applications to your needs.

Daxium-Air allows you to customize your application directly from your web portal without specific development. With a simple click and drag, you can create forms based on your requirements. These forms are automatically synchronized with the smartphones or tablets of your field teams. Completing these forms allows you to gather information and build your database.

Broadcast instructions to field teams and track task progress.

Work instructions vary for each entity within your industrial site. With certain features of Daxium-Air, such as task scheduling and automatic notifications, you improve task management and provide real-time updates to your teams on their missions. When your mobile teams fill out the forms, they can report anomalies or issues, add photos to highlight specific elements, and specify the level of criticality. Managers receive this information in real-time, allowing them to request intervention from a service provider in case of a failure, all from within Daxium-Air, by assigning new tasks and priorities.

Plan your industrial inspections and checks
Share your industrial audit reports

Enhance communication among your teams, service providers, and clients.

Digitizing your data improves remote and real-time access to information. The data entered in Daxium-Air can be automatically sent as Word, Excel, and PDF reports to internal or external stakeholders in your company. This provides them with better visibility of actions taken in recent days and allows them to quickly implement new measures if necessary.

Discover our no-code platform to create your mobile applications.

Daxium-Air is a web and mobile platform tailored to the industrial sector. Through the customization of your forms, inspections and maintenance of your industrial sites are simplified for all your field teams. Access your data in real-time and share reports with your teams and clients.

Our use cases in the industrial sector.

Management of water, electricity and fiber optic networks

Control management

Management and monitoring of working hours

Intervention management

Inspections and visits to infrastructures

Maintenance and customer service of your equipment

QHSE Monitoring and Control

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