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Why digitize your field operations ?

When your mobile employees and teams are on the go, visiting customers, they often require access to specific intervention-related information and the ability to collect and transmit real-time data. By digitizing your field operations with Daxium, you can streamline workflows, improve data accuracy, enable real-time collaboration, enhance customer service, and drive better outcomes for your organization. Sometimes on paper…

Daxium for Managing Interventions of Equipment

Follow-up of interventions with all the information you need.

Equip your mobile employees with smartphones and tablets, empowering them to access technical documentation, communicate with support functions, customers, and partners in realtime. Instant access to information and seamless reporting capabilities ensure efficient and effective work execution.


Daxium offers a solution to digitize all your operations effortlessly by creating web&mobile forms. Without any development, transplant your existing processes into digital workflows, ensuring respected standardized procedures during operations while providing you full-visibility.

Create customized forms for your construction sites with Daxium-Air

Field operations planned by head office teams.

Enable efficient intervention planning by empowering your office teams to send real-time instructions directly to your field teams without the need for them to return to the office. With Daxium, this process becomes fast, simple, and easily accessible on smartphones and tablets. By eliminating unnecessary travel back to the office, you save valuable time and resources while ensuring prompt and effective response to intervention requests.

Reports sent automatically.

With Daxium, you can provide real-time intervention reports to both your customers and internal departments in PDF format. These reports can possibly include signatures from all parties involved. No more redundant data entry and unreliable information. With Daxium, you can ensure complete and accurate data without relying on delivery notes or paper reports.

Send your construction site reports automatically with Daxium-Air

Would you like to optimize your service management?

Unlock the full potential of your field operations and enhance productivity.

What can be done to standardize the data from the field and improve reporting? What digital tools are available to reduce intervention times and streamline operations? By answering these questions and providing you with the keys to selecting your service management software, our white paper aims to help you enhance your operational performance. Follow the guide

and explore our white paper : “5 Ways to Optimise Field Actions and Boost Productivity.”

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