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Visiativ makes digital transformation a lever for acceleration for the company.

Daxium joined the dynamic of the Visiativ group in October 2022 to accelerate its growth and boost the innovation of its no-code platform Daxium-Air. As a leader in the digital, social, and environmental transformations of SMEs and ETIs, Visiativ supports us daily and shares its expertise on various digital topics.

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Why join the Visiativ group?

The adventure of our no-code platform continues more than ever with more resources, more presence in France and internationally thanks to the group’s numerous locations and its customer base of 23,000 clients. The teams, consisting of more than 1,400 collaborators, work in sectors familiar to us: industry, smart city, facility management, retail, etc. We will thus have access to Visiativ’s expertise to innovate, develop, while maintaining our agility. We also find values dear to us: the entrepreneurial spirit to create more value for the benefit of our clients, but also placing people, integrity, and kindness at the heart of our corporate project.

This second life in the history of Daxium is exciting, and it allows us to accelerate our growth by effectively supporting our clients in the digital transformation projects of their mobile teams.

Yann de Saint Vaulry, CEO of Daxium.

“Visiativ Innovation Platform”

Visiativ supports its clients through 3 pillars:

Consulting &

Identifying growth and competitiveness levers means generating value for transformation.

Solutions &

To succeed in digital transformation is to rely on efficient solutions adapted to your activity.

Exchanges &

Being part of the future economy means thinking in terms of ecosystems and daring to rely on peer communities.

Daxium, part of Visiativ.

Daxium solutions will be an integral part of the ‘Visiativ Innovation Platform‘ as a tool to digitize operational processes through mobile applications for mobile teams. Beyond expanding Visiativ’s current offer, the no-code Daxium-Air platform will join the Visiativ Agora technological platform in the medium term, to allow Visiativ clients to generate their business mobile applications.