Daxium-Air, the mobile application you can customize
to your needs your business sectors, your professions,
your teams in the field.

Find out more about our solution through our business uses by sector.

Audits and controls

Manage your audits and controls efficiently.

Customized controls, audits and inspections: digitalize your paper forms into a Daxium-Air application with instant reports.

BTP / Construction

Optimize site follow-up.

Centralize the information you need to track your projects on our platform. Collect photos, forms and format them into automatic reports.


Optimize your industrial business processes.

Improve your industry’s productivity by digitizing your business processes with our Daxium-Air mobile application, which adapts to your needs.


Optimize tracking of your retail operations.

Daxium-Air is a digital, web and mobile operational excellence platform for optimizing your operations, exchanges, validating your processes and analyzing your teams’ performance.

Smart City

Optimize your Smart City activities.

Partners of local and regional authorities and city technical services: optimize the work of your teams in the field with customizable business applications!