Daxium 5 Cas d'usage 5 Sales report

The issues encountered,
within retail departments.

Tracking products sales is key to daily decision making and brand management. It is often difficult to measure employee productivity in order to reward top performers or to identify the best-selling products for optimizing merchandising strategies.

Reporting methods are not well-suited for easy retrieval and analysis of information. This can lead to errors that have a negative impact on decision making and sales results.

    Managers' issues

    Why choose the Daxium-Air solution ?


    Your data on a single interface.


    The reporting of figures between teams in the field and managers at head office.


    The compilation of your data using a single tool.


    Your productivity and
    save time.

    Track the commercial productivity of your teams.

    It is now possible to monitor in real time various performance indicators such as :

    • The sales contribution of a salesman in his shop
    • The average purchase basket per customer
    • The number of products sold per salesperson
    • Measuring the traffic of your points of sale

    Do you want to track your teams’ sales ?

    Our clients testify

    Testimony of CashPlus in Morocco, 1,000 points of sale

    Testimony of the Deputy general Manager of cash Plus, Nabil Amar. Expert in money transfers since its creation in 2004, Cash Plus has 4,000 points of sale, and today allows its customers, in addition to sending and receiving their money anywhere in Morocco and abroad, to have access to a multitude of financial and parafinancial services.

    Their network covers the entire national territory in Morocco Daxium has digitalised since a web and mobile application to enable their field teams to report any useful information.
    BMR was co-founded by three company directors, including Nabil Amar, to distribute the Daxium-Air solution exclusively in North Africa.

    They trust us.