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The issues encountered,
within the Retail departments.

Maintenance management is directly related to the in-store customer experience, as well as the internal investments and suppliers. Some factors can make this management complex, and the various steps to reach a resolution are often long and numerous.

Each maintenance management is unique, which often results in a case-by-case approach, consuming significant time for your teams. Consequently, this management may not always be operational in swiftly and effectively resolving issues.

Managers' issues

Why choose the Daxium-Air solution ?


Your maintenance management process.


All your data to not report every problem manually.


Visibility of the progress at each stage.


Exchanges between management and suppliers.

Digitalize your warehouse maintenance management with Daxium-Air

Digitise your maintenance management.

Your teams at head office, in-store and even your suppliers will be able to monitor all maintenance operations in real time, thanks to the information provided. You will also be able to:

  • illustrate with photos
  • Add evolving statuses to clarify some elements
  • Have access to the platform at any times
  • Track the progress of ongoing maintenance management(s).

Use a dashboard to manage your reports and indicators.

Automated reports can be sent via email to streamline communication, and all your indicators can be visualized through dashboards:

  • Number of issues identified per shop and per type ;
  • Average resolution time per issues and per supplier ;
  • Issues categorised by urgency level and date of identification ;
  • Analysis of recurrences to anticipate future issues.

This tool and these indicators will enable you to take a different approach to managing in-store maintenance, providing a simple tool for your teams and suppliers. They will also be an asset in ensuring effective communication with all stakeholders, from the beginning of the management process to problem resolution.

Analyze your store's maintenance management with Daxium-Air

Would you like to improve your store’s maintenance management?

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