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The issues encountered,
within points of sale.

Customer experience lies at the heart of sales processes, and its improvement relies on a good understanding of your customers. Until now, it has been challenging to collect and, most importantly, utilize customer data in stores due to the lack of digital tools.

To optimise the customer experience, you need to ensure that the information requested from your customers is correctly recorded and processed in an operational manner.

Managers' issues

Why choose the Daxium-Air solution ?


Your data in a single tool.


Your data on your interface,
to find them everywhere.


Your database thanks to predefined smart indicators.


Your customer data to data collection and management software.

Create your customer database with Daxium-Air

Build your customer database.

Your in-store sales force can directly record customer information on their tablet or smartphone. It is also possible to associate their shopping cart to understand their buying process.

With just a few clicks, you can easily add, modify or delete information about your customers, and maintain your customer database.

Customise your criteria,
to improve the customer experience.

You can personalize criteria to guide your teams in improving the customer experience :

  • Upcoming birthdays to congratulate ;
  • Inactive customers to follow up with ;
  • Target customers to include in your new product launch ;
  • Commitment to customer loyalty ;
  • Convincing prospects.
Personalize the customer experience with Daxium-Air
Analyze your customer database with Daxium-Air dashboards

Leverage your database to optimise your strategy.

Each store has visibility of all existing customers and the actions to undertake to increase sales. Your teams can adapt their sales techniques based on the information collected on each customer.

Your database represents an optimal source of information for your marketing team. Your company’s strategy will be based on an analysis of the data and the trends that emerge from it.

Our clients testify

Testimony of CashPlus in Morocco, 1,000 points of sale

Testimony of the Deputy general Manager of cash Plus, Nabil Amar. Expert in money transfers since its creation in 2004, Cash Plus has 4,000 points of sale, and today allows its customers, in addition to sending and receiving their money anywhere in Morocco and abroad, to have access to a multitude of financial and parafinancial services.

Their network covers the entire national territory in Morocco Daxium has digitalised since a web and mobile application to enable their field teams to report any useful information.
BMR was co-founded by three company directors, including Nabil Amar, to distribute the Daxium-Air solution exclusively in North Africa.

Would you like to centralise the collection of your customer data ?

They trust us.