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The issues encountered,
within the training departments.

Training courses can be individual or grouped, which multiplies them and makes inventories more difficult to maintain, particularly when it is necessary to take note of all the people present for the subsequent reporting.
The training manager would like to receive a consolidated report on all the trainers under his/her responsibility, clearly indicating all the information. Unfortunately, the reports are often late, inaccurate and contain missing information.

Managers' issues

Why choose the Daxium-Air solution ?


All your data, so you don’t have to manually report every training session.


The information flow and save it in a database.


Real-time inventory of your training courses.


Your global vision thanks to dashboards.

Digitalize your training inventory

Digitise all your training follow-up, in story or in the classroom.

Training represents a significant budget for retail players in order to develop their employees’ skills. Training follow-up consist of collecting key information about the training program itself, such as its duration, theme and location, as well as, the list of participants who will be asked to confirm their attendance by attendance by filling in a sign-in sheet on arrival. Thanks to our Daxium-Air application, you can fill in and save this information directly on your smartphone or tablet.

Customize your dashboards and boost productivity.

All trainers will be able to use the same method during each training session, so that managers can have an overall view of training activities through dashboards :

  • Number of training courses completed ;
  • Time spent by theme, by employee and by region ;
  • Each trainers’ activity

The history of all this data will give trainers a better understanding of the level of knowledge expected when observing employees at the stores.

Analyze your training inventory with Daxium-Air dashboards

Would you like to digitize your training inventory?

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