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Have you struggled with managing your field teams’ schedules across multiple sites? Juggling information from various sources like paper forms, badge systems, or Excel files can be daunting and time-consuming. The lack of centralization leads to inefficiency and lost productivity.

Daxium for Managing Interventions of Equipment

Why choose the Daxium-Air solution ?

Share data


Real-time information on your field interventions.

Improve your exchanges


Communication between managers, HR and your field teams.

Centralize your data


Working hours and easy access a historical record of your data.
Improve your performance


The operational performance of your interventions by saving time.
Simplify your teams' time management with Daxium-Air

Simplify time management for your field teams.

Simplify your teams’ lives by providing them customizable forms tailored to their specific reporting needs. Thanks to our mobile application, your field teams can easily :

  • Obtain precise assignment details, including durations and clients;
  • Record their daily and per intervention working hours, similar to a time clocking system;
  • Specify their location through the integrated geolocation feature ;
  • Automatically send a summary to managers for validation.

All data collected via the application is automatically centralized and recorded. With Daxium-Air, your employees’ working time management significantly improves thanks to faster and more accurate data entry and reporting.

Optimize the planning of your interventions.

Effortlessly plan your tasks and missions with digital schedules. Share them instantly with your field teams for immediate visibility of their upcoming interventions. Our customizable forms let you design a database tailored to your scheduling needs. Managers and field teams gain better visibility into their schedules, with the ability to account for employee absences and leave.

Plan your field teams' working hours with Daxium-Air

Do you want to monitor and improve the management of your field teams’ working time?

Track your teams' time with our Daxium-Air dashboards

Monitor your field activites in real-time.

Thanks to the digitization of your field activities, every manager can now monitor and control their team’s presence at intervention sites in real-time. Automated notifications alert the manager with each activity entry, allowing for instant validation. The information is then automatically transferred to a database accessible via our dashboards. They provide an overview of completed interventions and are invaluable for HR teams in tracking employee attendance. Options even allow for the automatic calculation of bonuses based on activities performed.

Share your intervention reports in a few clicks.

Easily export customized reports from the Daxium-Air platform, in various formats to obtain detailed information about your interventions. Use filters such as date, employee, team, or customer project to obtain targeted data. These reports are essential for providing your management with all the necessary information about field activities and associated working hours. They are also essential tools for optimizing your cost management.

Export your reports to share your data with Daxium-Air

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