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The issues encountered,
within the departments.

Tracking all your inspections can be complex to manage since you need to plan recurring visits for each infrastructure, but some may require a follow-up inspection due to an anomaly or non-compliance. The flow of information is significant, and if your data is not centralized in the same tool, you can quickly become disorganized, leading to suboptimal organization.

Daxium for Equipment Intervention Management

Why choose the Daxium-Air solution ?

Improve your performance


Your inspection management data
on a single platform.
Improve your performance


Your productivity by meeting
your objectives.
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Coordination among your teams
with a mobile application.
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Your inspection reports automatically.
Personalization of the Daxium-Air application

Customize your application according to your needs.

During your multi-year inspections and visits, you must meet specific objectives, especially regarding the evaluation of the state of infrastructures by specifying signs of deterioration, aging, or any other detected problems. You must also ensure the safety and reliability of infrastructures, including checking their compliance with current regulations and industry standards.

With our no-code solution, autonomously create an unlimited number of applications to easily supervise and plan your inspections and visits for various activities or projects.

Adapt your forms according to your objectives.

With our customizable solution, you can:

  • Define the information to fill in: add fields based on the expected information, such as the inspection date, the visit location specifying geolocation, the type of detected anomaly, a criticality status, etc.;
  • Add photos: from the application, you can take photos of the controlled elements or access your image gallery. You can also make annotations;
  • Predefine data: automatically insert a serial number or any other information to save time for your teams in the field.

Through the creation of a personalized form, you build your database and have access to all your information in real-time, which is saved.

Customize your forms for your infrastructure inspections and visits
Plan your visits and coordinate your teams with Daxium-Air

Improve the planning of your visits and the coordination of your teams.

Your inspections may be scheduled at regular intervals, usually multi-yearly depending on the type of infrastructure, its use, and current regulations. However, the frequency may vary depending on the criticality of the infrastructures. Daxium-Air, our mobile business application, allows you to plan your visits and, more importantly, take into account inspections to be prioritized, especially following feedback from inspections by your field teams in the event of an anomaly or non-compliance. Since infrastructure information is centralized in real-time, this allows you to act quickly and streamline communication between teams in the field and at the office.

Share and automate your infrastructure inspection reports.

Following an inspection, a detailed report is generally created to compile information about each infrastructure and have visibility on the actions to be taken. From our application, you can also customize your reports to include what you need, such as inspection findings, recommendations for maintenance or repairs, or the expected lifespan for the infrastructure. Access to workflows from the back office of our platform allows you to automate the creation and sending of your reports to increase productivity.

Automate your infrastructure inspection reports with Daxium-Air

Do you want to improve the tracking and planning of your inspections?

Our customers testify.

CBR Contrôle uses Daxium-Air to digitize its field inspections.

Discover the testimony of CBR Contrôle, a specialist for 15 years in the inspection of playgrounds and equipment. Their daily routine involves on-site inspections, and they use Daxium-Air to improve the management of their inspections.

“With Daxium-Air, we enter information directly on our smartphones or tablets, and it automatically generates the report, reducing input errors. We have gained in responsiveness because once the information is entered in the field, the intervention report is sent directly to the clients. In the end, we have gained in competitiveness.”

They trust us.