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CBR Contrôle digitizes its field inspections.

Technical Inspection Application: CBR Contrôle Chooses Daxium-Air!

CBR Contrôle operates throughout Western France, serving local authorities and managers of sports facilities, as well as manufacturers, distributors, and installers of playgrounds and sports equipment.

A specialist in playground and sports equipment verification for 15 years, CBR Contrôle chose Daxium-Air to enhance reliability and speed in generating its reports.

Explore the interview with Romain Couillaud, manager of CBR Contrôle.

What does CBR Contrôle do?

We are a control office specializing in the verification of sports equipment and playgrounds for children. Our daily work involves on-site inspection, whether periodic or for acceptance. Our activity revolves around 5 solutions:

  • Inspection of installations,
  • Training,
  • Technical assistance,
  • Supply of control equipment,
  • Software for managing sports equipment and playgrounds.

How did you come to offer software for managing sports equipment?

I wanted to have a mobile application to perform on-site inspections. I consulted IT service companies for specific development because my needs seemed complex, but our web agency advised us to consult Daxium-Air.

We were impressed by the simplicity of the Daxium-Air solution and its quick implementation. Within a few days, we had all our technical references (manuals, standards, certificates of conformity, etc.), our intervention sites, and our clients on our smartphones.

The management software we created on Daxium-Air impressed us so much that we decided to offer it to our partners and clients.

Who is your equipment management software created with Daxium-Air for?

It is a solution that we offer for rent to managers, local authorities, as well as professionals in the sector. We also present Daxium-Air to control offices or maintenance companies.

Why did you implement a Technical Inspection solution?

We use the Daxium-Air solution for our daily work in the field. This application allows us to enter our controls directly on-site and then find them on the back office in the office. We then download reports that we can quickly send to our clients.

After completing on-site controls, we connect to the back office for report editing. We find all the controls performed during the day with the names of clients, sites, fields, and types of equipment. We also have summary tables of our interventions with the names of sites, fields, equipment names, and each control report.

Daxium-Air, your technical inspection application

Results: More reliability, more responsiveness, more competitiveness!

We have many benefits with this solution, firstly reliability: it avoids us entering our reports on paper and then entering them back at the office. With Daxium-Air, we enter information directly on our smartphones or tablets, and it automatically generates the report, reducing input errors. We have gained in responsiveness because once the information is entered on-site, the intervention report is sent directly to the clients Finally, we have gained in competitiveness.

Before, in a five-day week, we spent four days in the field and one day entering reports in the office. Today, with Daxium-Air, we are five days in the field, and within minutes, we send reports to our clients.

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