Mobile Application for Construction – Testimony from Urbaine de Travaux

Urbaine de Travaux chooses Daxium-Air for managing its construction sites.

In search of a construction mobile application.

As the fourth-largest French construction group in France, Urbaine de Travaux (Fayat Group) has selected Daxium-Air to monitor real-time information from its construction sites. This application allows Urbaine de Travaux to manage and optimize its interventions on its construction sites.

Discover the interview with Pascal Vocanson, sector manager.

What does Urbaine de Travaux do?

Urbaine de Travaux is part of the Fayat Group, the fourth-largest French construction group in France. The group consists of approximately 21,000 people, generating 4 billion euros in turnover, and operates in the fields of industry, construction, civil engineering, and building. Present in Paris and throughout the Île-de-France region, Urbaine de Travaux achieves a turnover of nearly 200 million euros with 700 employees. Its activity revolves around two poles: building and public works. Urbaine de Travaux intervenes in all networks (drinking water, sanitation, etc.), civil engineering, and graffiti cleaning. The latter activity represents a turnover of 25 million euros for around 140 people.

Why implement a BTP (Building and Public Works) business solution?

We needed quantitative tracking of all the information coming from the construction sites in real-time. We wanted to create statistics that would allow us to redefine our directions based on these results.

Why choose Daxium-Air?

I discovered Daxium 12/13 years ago during a call for tenders in Paris for a graffiti removal contract that we won for a period of 5 years. We had to take photos of the graffiti before and after cleaning to create reports and statistics that we had to communicate to the city.

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Agility with Daxium-Air.

Today we still use Daxium-Air for graffiti, especially for the City of Paris but also for various clients. We regularly update the application to adapt to the demands and constraints of our clients. We have also developed another application dedicated to our entire activity, allowing us to enter information through forms from the start of construction sites.

Results: + Productivity, + Serenity, and + Clients!

Teams no longer need to return to headquarters. We have gained better productivity on construction sites. Information is stored securely and can be used at any time. This brings us great serenity. This entire process has also allowed us to win other types of contracts in other municipalities.

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