Business Mobile Application – Testimonial Spie CityNetworks

SPIE CityNetworks create its mobile business applications with Daxium-Air.

SPIE CityNetworks is a subsidiary created in 2017 though the contibution of the activities of former regional subsidiaries. It employs 4,200 people in 160 branches across France. It covers several areas of activity, including digital networks and energy networks, as well as city services, transport and mobility, all of which are expanding rapidly. Against this backdrop, SPIE CityNetworks has embarked on a digitisation project to boost performance : the Digital Hub.

A major digital transformation.

“The Digital Hub is a digital transformation of all our businesses. We carry out outdoor projects, which are very often of short duration. This is where digital tools are particularly well suited, as they save us unnecesseray travel and return visits to the site. With Daxium, we created the “Digital Factory”, a platform for assembling modules to build business applications in 2/3 weeks, where previously we needed 5 to 6 months of development per application. With Daxium, we can digitise all our businesses in record time. For example, deploying fiber optics, connecting subscribers or installing 4G and 5G towers, but also managing electric charging stations, maintaining public lighting and video surveillance in towns and cities. By 2020, we have equipped 2,700 employees who use around a hundred different applications in all our businesses every day.”
Daniel Beaubouchez – Head of Digitalization & Innovation – SPIE CityNetworks

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For the teams : time-saving and fluidity.

With its customisable forms, Daxium-Air is used as a gateway from the field teams to the research department :

  • Automatic generation of deliverable documents in just a few clicks (annotation, photos, diagrams… everything is automatically integrated into the documents).
  • Sending work reports to customers (before and after photos to show that the work has been carried out).
  • Real-time monitoring of work thanks to progress reports filled in by field teams.
  • Activity monitoring by managers : production and invoicing monitoring.

Since March 2019, all employees have been using the Digital Hub for a number of activities :

  • Replacement or repair work on public lighting.
  • Preventive observation visits to teams concerning quality, safety and the environment at work, and compliance with safety standards.
  • Hire of vehicles, lorries and other equipment.

For customers : simplified exchanges.

“I really appreciate receiving progress reports as they come in: they enable me to communicate with the various people within Tisséo who are affected by the project. We have a precise vision of what’s planned, especially in the upstream phase. In fact, the materials we receive contain comments and photos (with the option of drawing on them) from the teams in the field. Digitizing all our exchanges enables us to build up a database that serves as a historical record. This will be useful when we take over the contract and close out the services provided.
Stéphane Schumacher – Project Manager, Technical Department – TISSÉO

For project managers, information is stored on the platform, making searches easier and greeing up their time for other tasks. A genuine in-house information hub provides structured, fluid and transparent communicationfor all SPIE CityNetworks customers.

Luc Sauze, Managing Director of SPIE CityNetworks, emphasises innovation and operational excellence for its customers and employees. “With the Digital Hub we have turned the corner on the digital transformation of our practices.”

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