Daxium 5 Cas d'usage 5 Constrution site supervision

Les problématiques rencontrées,
auprès des chefs de chantier ou des conducteurs de travaux.

Les prises de décisions se font majoritairement au bureau et impactent vos équipes terrain, mais un manque de coordination et de communication rend difficile le suivi et la gestion de vos chantiers. Vous pouvez également perdre du temps dû à l’utilisation de processus papier et des systèmes dépassés qui ne sont pas optimisés pour votre activité.

Daxium for Managing Interventions of Equipment

Why choose the Daxium-Air solution ?

Improve your exchanges


The exchanges and improve
the coordination of your teams.
Share data


Your field data from a mobile application in real-time.
Centralize your data


Your data and automatically
export your reports.
Improve your performance


Your productivity by reducing
administrative tasks.
Customize your construction site monitoring sheets

Customize your construction site monitoring sheets.

From the back-office of our mobile application, you can customize your forms with a simple “click and drop” by moving elements that will allow your team to record the requested information. Depending on your needs and the information you want to collect from the field, fill in fields such as the date, geolocation, comment fields or in list form, photo import, etc.

Upload your information from the field in real-time.

Field teams must report precise information to site managers or project supervisors to monitor the status and progress of the construction site. The easy and quick design of these forms allows you to reduce the time of entry, especially thanks to the pre-filling of certain fields. By opting for a construction site monitoring application, you standardize your processes and optimize your interventions with common and detailed operating modes.

Digitize the collection of construction site information

Do you want to improve the monitoring of your construction sites?

Digitize the collection of construction site information

Improve your construction site management with a mobile application.

The digitization of your tracking sheets facilitates data collection and reduces errors related to manual entry. You have the option to set up workflows to automate processes, repetitive tasks, and trigger sequences of operations for your internal teams or your partners and subcontractors. Thus, you have traceability on all your construction sites and facilitate the sharing of information. This eases communication between field and office teams, but also towards your clients, ensuring transparency and efficient collaboration.

Effectively follow your field activities.

From the planning tool, you can easily assign tasks to your employees and know at a glance the next interventions of your field teams. Organizing the schedules of your teams is simpler. The advantage of digitalized planning also allows you to notify your mobile employees in real-time via a notification of the interventions they have to carry out, without forcing them to go back to the office.

Plan interventions on your construction sites

Gain efficiency and precision in monitoring your construction sites today!

Automatically export your control reports

Automatically export your control reports.

Site managers can generate activity reports directly from their smartphone. Thus, you improve the quality of monitoring your construction sites and accelerate the flow of information. The implementation of certain workflows can notably allow you to automatically send validation requests and signatures to the site supervisor as well as reports. Real-time monitoring of reports significantly reduces errors and unnecessary administrative tasks and improves the productivity of your teams.

Perform an in-depth analysis of your data.

All the information collected in your application constitutes your database. With customizable dashboards, you analyze your data according to your needs. You get an overall view of your activities and can track your performance. You also have the option to integrate dashboards such as Microsoft Power BI to obtain an in-depth analysis and to define action plans to be implemented.

Analyze the progress of your projects

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