App “Dubai Police,” our immediate feedback!

If you have a traffic violation ticket (all of them are electronic in Dubai), pay from the app! Want to know your driving history? Click and check. Want to report a violation in real-time to the nearest patrol? Geolocate the offender with a photo.

Everyone better behave here in Dubai. As a result, theft is close to zero. The police have digitized their operations, serving residents and users, and sometimes to the dismay of those who get fined. The only drawback is the respect for personal data!

Personal experience just now: I had a Porsche in front of me, I go to the ” Police Dubai ” app (after parking), enter its license plate in the application, and happily discover that this amateur racing driver has a record that would make Lewis Hamilton blush. I won’t go so far as to pay his speeding fines, but the app even allows it through philanthropic efforts.

Take a look below at some screenshots with the vehicle’s license plate blurred. You will now better know the driving behavior of your neighbors. Big Neighboor is watching you !

Not very GDPR or CNIL compliant! Next time, the UAE government should seek advice from our Daxium team in Dubai. 🙂