This vacation, let’s dare the digital detox!

Well, just because we (Daxium) equip the mobile employees of companies with B2B apps doesn’t mean we don’t have the legitimacy to talk to you about digital addiction, quite the opposite! This summer, we’re going to help you fully enjoy your holidays, friends, children, parents… in analog communication.

Translation: let’s talk, look at each other, smile, like our ancestors, by the fire or with a good glass of rosé, but with the smartphone left in the coolness of your room. And why not take on the challenge of picking up a Bic pen (it feels weird to say that word) and putting a stamp on a postcard. It’s possible, it works, and it’s so rare and offbeat that this communication will be seen as “disruptive” by your connected friends. Translation: an innovative mode of communication that will surprise your surroundings. Wow effect guaranteed!

Put away the emojis in your SMS or WhatsApp messages. Dare to adventure by putting a brake on your Instagram posts for your 1,792 friends and 17,580 friends of your friends. I’m not saying stop everything, because that would be like asking a heavy smoker to quit cold turkey. Although this addicted smoker can also switch to an e-cigarette, but that’s another subject.

A little introspection:

What kind of digital user are you? A little, a lot, passionately? By the way, do you even have an idea of how many hours you spend on your smartphone? 1 hour, 3 hours, or more than 5 hours a day? A tip: run (with your finger) to download the “Moment” app, and there you will see the extent of the damage, or rather your degree of addiction. This free app will allow you to know the frequency of use of your digital graft (I’m talking about your smartphone).

The verdict is often ruthless, frightening! I use my mobile more than I should! I look at my screen more than I look at my loved ones. Do I absolutely need to check the 7-day weather forecast when it’s beautiful this morning? Do I need to frantically browse photos of friends on Facebook, some of whom I haven’t seen or heard from in 10 years? Do I really need to read or respond to work emails while on vacation when no one is waiting for me, and I might even give my colleagues or collaborators who stayed at the office a vacation? Will your friends, even the real ones, think you’re in burnout if for 4 hours you free yourself from all digital communication? We all have the answer. The smartphone can drive us crazy! It’s a big ball and chain in our hand. It hypnotizes us!

Willing victims…

We have all become victims of the digital world, which imprisons us in its wicked web through its intrusive screens. Let him who does not feel concerned throw me the first tweet! One piece of advice, live your summer revolution and become an analog addict for a few hours a day during your vacation!

Some ideas: Tennis, cycling (without electric assistance), swimming (without electric shock jellyfish), beach (phone off), hiking (without GPS app or watch telling you the altitude gained), reading a book in authentic paper, kitesurfing (motor = wind), meditation (without music on Deezer), nap, drinks with friends or family.

I just tested it for 3 days. It’s possible!

… Happy analog holidays to everyone!