Ax’eau and the management of water leakage detection interventions

Ax’eau digitizes its field teams.

Ax’eau is a French specialist and leader in non-destructive water leak detection and operational support for operators in terms of water network performance.

Ax’eau is spread across 21 agencies and deals with the following specialties:

  • Leak detection;
  • Network diagnostics;
  • Hydraulic control of new networks;
  • Control of hydraulic organs.
Ax’eau carries out more than 10,000 interventions per year for real estate professionals, insurance experts, trustees, and professionals in public or private water distribution. For them, Ax’eau performs non-destructive leak location diagnostics.
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A customizable no-code application

Ax’eau had the desire to digitize its business in 2014. It began with digital marketing and the development of its own dedicated ERP in 2016. The next step was to look for a field application tool for the benefit of productivity and mobility. The goal was to equip all field technicians.

Naturally, Ax’eau turned to Daxium-Air. The implementation of this solution allowed them to develop their own leak detection application without any code. Scenarios specific to their business were developed with the support of the Daxium teams. Technicians were guided throughout the process and found real added value in the implementation of a mobile application.

“A real change management had to be considered for the teams to succeed in this transformation.”
Cyril Muntzer, CEO – Ax’eau Group

Digitized interventions for more productivity

Their intervention begins with the integration of their clients’ network plans into the tool. Technicians receive missions related to business and can consult the attribute data of network plans directly on their smartphone at any time. Then comes the location of the leak in the field and the entry of the control sheet.

Customers then receive intervention reports in PDF by email. They can follow Ax’eau’s interventions directly from their Daxium-Air web space. The last step is to analyze statistics related to missions to continuously analyze the effectiveness of interventions.

Daxium-Air also allows for the configuration of automated data exchanges between different actors.

A 360° digitization

Découvrez le témoignage de Cyril Muntzer, Dirigeant – Groupe Ax’eau dans lequel il nous explique le projet de transformation digitale de son groupe, et particulièrement de ses techniciens nomades.

Today, I am very proud because at our last board meeting, it was reported to me that the application for leak detection was used 100%, a real mobility tool. We no longer use our old tools from the past. This digital transformation project is a real success because we have really involved people.”
Cyril Muntzer, CEO – Ax’eau Group

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