Retail Mobile Application: Chalhoub Group & Daxium

A retail mobile application to boost the productivity of teams in stores.

Discover how and why Chalhoub Group implemented Daxium’s mobile retail application for its beauty advisors in stores.

About Daxium, a no-code mobile application editor

Daxium is a mobile solutions editor that contributes to the success of the “Retail” industry by facilitating communication between stores, field teams, and headquarters. Sales advisors, store managers, trainers, merchandisers, sales representatives, technicians, internal auditors… Daxium provides retail mobile applications to all types of collaborators to digitize their daily work and improve the customer experience. The “turnkey” approach combined with integration with major ERPs gives a real competitive advantage to its clients. Daxium operates in Europe, the Middle East, and the Asia-Pacific region from its offices in Paris, Dubai, and soon in Singapore. Daxium has been awarded more than 10 times for its technological innovations and the success of their implementation.

About Chalhoub Group, a major player in luxury in the Middle East

Chalhoub Group has been the leading luxury partner in the Middle East since 1955. As an expert in retail, distribution, marketing services, and based in Dubai, the Group has become a major player in the beauty, fashion, and gift sectors at the regional level.

By combining its expertise in the Middle East and its intimate knowledge of luxury, Chalhoub Group develops brands in the region by offering excellent service to all its partners and a unique experience to its customers. The Group is transitioning from a traditional luxury distributor in the Middle East to a hybrid distributor that offers luxury experiences to customers worldwide.

By committing to implement new sustainable practices in its activities, Chalhoub Group was awarded in 2019, and for the seventh consecutive year, the “CSR Label” from the Dubai Chamber of Commerce, recognizing its corporate social responsibility. The Group has been a member of the United Nations Global Compact Community since 2014 and a signatory of the Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEP).

The implementation of the retail mobile application

The Beauty division of Chalhoub Group operates both in retail and distribution. In the Middle East, the Group distributes numerous luxury cosmetic brands to major retailers and manages specialized beauty advisors by brand to fully satisfy the clients of these points of sale.

Chalhoub Group implemented Salesforce CRM for the cosmetic brands it distributes. The goal was to find a way for beauty advisors working in multiple stores, locations, and countries to leverage the power of customer data to create a personalized and privileged customer relationship while staying in contact with headquarters. The group chose to work with Daxium, a French startup that offers “cloud” solutions for sellers and distributors. This partnership was signed after many studies and analyses that led to the implementation of an innovative mobile application for beauty advisors.

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For example, the solution allows for data collection and recording of sales made, which is immediately transmitted to the Salesforce CRM. In addition, the application improves the productivity of the sales team by facilitating the management of daily tasks such as attendance sheets, planograms, intervention requests for store maintenance, replenishment, document sharing, etc.

Real-time information is exchanged and compiled between stores and headquarters. This allows for a quick and effective response to the needs of the field team. In the medium term, it will also be useful for defining future strategic directions as soon as the amount of collected data is sufficient.

Data at the heart of the customer experience

Chalhoub Group’s goal is to become a hybrid distributor that brings luxury experiences to customers worldwide, regardless of their preferred channels, online or offline. Offering personalized service and being able to anticipate user needs require excellent data management. You cannot delight your customers without a deep understanding of their behaviors and needs. Everything must stem from this goal – and consolidating all customer data within a single unique reference record, called Golden Records, has been the cornerstone of a 3-year strategic plan that started in 2018. The Cosmetics department of the Group wanted to better understand its customers to better meet their expectations – for them, all information had to be grouped: what a customer had purchased at a counter, in a store, or online on an e-commerce site. The ultimate experience for a customer is to be able to switch distribution channels and still find what they need at the right time. Building the right customer journeys is a complex operation that relies heavily on the analysis of consolidated online and offline data.

A complex environment and the integration of existing systems

The project faced two major challenges. First, the size and complexity of Chalhoub Group’s presence in the region: stores, brands, field teams. In addition, we had to find a way to integrate existing systems with the Daxium solution to provide the best user experience for field teams. Choosing the right approach required in-depth analysis and close coordination between different parties. For example, we wanted to build a solution that would not require significant maintenance efforts or database updates.

The first beauty stores in the United Arab Emirates were able to reopen after experiencing some delays due to COVID-19. deployment plan for 2020 for more than 15 major beauty brands across the Middle East is already underway, and we hope that our collaboration will further develop. There is a lot of value to create together in this partnership.


“Daxium has created one of the most advanced retail applications in the Middle East, communicating simultaneously with SAP HRMS, Oracle, and Salesforce. An innovation that opens up great opportunities and gives a competitive advantage to our client Chalhoub Group.”
Tom Crépin, Daxium

“We worked closely with Daxium, Salesforce, our brands, and our teams to make this vision a reality. We could not have achieved the expected results of our project without the fantastic flexible support of the Daxium team and their willingness to roll up their sleeves. This project was not easy, and credit goes to our expert project manager, our CRM team leader, and the support of our colleagues in the IT division.”
Kristof Lukovich, Head of Digital for Beauty, Chalhoub Group