Create your own business mobile apps with Daxium-Air!

What is Daxium-Air?

Daxium-Air is the mobile web platform created by Daxium. It allows you to create your own business mobile applications independently, without the need for a developer.

A solution tailored to each profession, adaptable
according to your needs.

What is a business mobile app?

A business mobile app is an application primarily used internally by employees of a company. Each profession has its own application: store saleswomen, maintenance technicians, cleaning agents, technical auditors, QHSE controllers, site managers… Each profession has its own processes, specific needs, and internal organization. So, everyone ultimately needs their dedicated application. With Daxium-Air, you create as many business mobile applications as there are use cases in your company.

How does it work?

  1. Create your applications: design your menus, create your forms and reports, define your business rules.
  2. Share data with your field teams: your teams instantly receive tasks on their smartphones or tablets, collect and report all information observed in the field.
  3. Exploit advanced features: voice dictation, electronic signature, task scheduling, dynamic maps and charts, QR code and NFC tags. The applications work in offline mode.
  4. Manage and share collected data: all data from mobile devices is centralized in a secure web space. You can organize data, create custom reports in Word, Excel, or PDF, and view dashboards.

Why choose Daxium?

Daxium is:

  • 11 innovation awards
  • users in more than 60 countries
  • 95% satisfied customers, including large corporations and SMEs
  • the most flexible platform on the market, fully customizable to the needs of your company
  • the guarantee of a 100% development-free solution, operational quickly


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