Digitalization Grant Pays de la Loire

Receive up to €15,000 to digitize your business!

The Pays de la Loire Region supports businesses with fewer than 50 employees in digitizing their operations to increase productivity and create value. The Daxium solution meets these criteria. Discover the procedures for obtaining this grant.

Who can benefit from the Pays de la Loire Digital Investment program?

  • Companies with fewer than 50 employees;
  • Established for more than 2 years;
  • Turnover < €10 million;
  • At least one establishment or subsidiary located in the region.

Why is the Daxium solution eligible for this digital grant?

The Pays de la Loire Region helps fund the acquisition of software solutions that have a real impact on internal performance and a significant increase in turnover

With the Daxium-Air solution, you gain productivity, responsiveness, and service quality.

You improve customer satisfaction. And a loyal customer is a customer you can sell more to! Word of mouth and recommendations from these satisfied customers will also generate additional revenue.

With the Daxium-Air solution, your teams can manage more clients since everything is automated! So, mechanically, you can easily handle this increase in activity without hiring.

Want to learn more about Daxium-Air?

Some examples of projects supported by the Pays de la Loire region

  • Implementation of an ERP;
  • Data collection solutions;
  • Data security;
  • Creation of an intranet;
  • Acquisition of maintenance management tools.

With Daxium-Air, you collect data in the field, you can securely upload your customer data, and your teams have a tool for exchanging and sharing information. Daxium-Air is also a very good tool for managing maintenance, technician interventions, and technical specifications. Daxium-Air could almost be an alternative to CMMS solutions, sometimes too complex and expensive for small and medium-sized enterprises.

What is the amount of the grant awarded by Pays de la Loire?

The financial aid granted corresponds to 50% of the net amount of costs, up to €15,000, and for a minimum of €5,000 net invested in digitizing your business.

Learn more about the Pays de la Loire grant program.

How to benefit from the digital investment grant?

You must submit an application before incurring expenses. You can download the aid application form on the Pays de la Loire website.