Mobile App : Custom Development or No-Code Solution?

Development or no-code solution, which choice to create your mobile application?

Daxium no-code mobile application
The development of business applications for retail, construction, intervention management, or other services has experienced tremendous growth in recent years. This phenomenon is driven by the need to automate tasks to simplify processes, as well as the urgent need to deploy IT projects “faster and cheaper,” while ensuring their sustainability and scalability. The user-friendly ergonomics of applications, their accessibility, and their multiple features have profoundly changed our approach to technology, and today, they are as familiar as they are indispensable.

However, to ensure the viability of your own digital application, you must make a strategic choice: hire a professional developer or use a no-code solution.
Here is our perspective to make an informed and relevant decision.

Your application developed by developers.

Behind the need to digitize our professional environment, there are lines and lines of code, the result of the thinking of developers whose “almost native” language is called Java, Python, PHP, Swift, C, C++, etc.
These experts who decipher our software tags to improve our work comfort and efficiency are often required to specialize in multiple programming languages and master various technologies.

While it is natural for you to entrust your IT projects to these legitimate actors, you must constantly pay attention to essential parameters. It is crucial to define your specifications clearly and precisely. This way, you can find the right balance between the chosen technology, the expected skills of the developer(s) – whose recruitment can be lengthy – financial investment, and your involvement in the entire project. Any dichotomy between these elements can jeopardize the project’s viability, leading you into a temporal tunnel and undoubtedly on the edge of financial ruin.

In other words, hiring developers is a good solution for a custom application, but beware of costs and delays. You will often struggle to obtain a quickly operational application that can evolve easily as your needs change in the following years.

No-code: How does it work, and why is it interesting for developing your application?

No-code is a visual programming interface designed for those not familiar with code. Meeting the needs of the field, no-code solutions allow users to create, in a few clicks, websites, blogs, landing pages, virtual assistants, and even applications. Thus, without coding, without relying on a web agency, an ESN, or managing developers, many operational teams can set up their tools, sometimes presenting technological complexity and features that would make the most efficient IT teams blush! And we are hardly exaggerating!

The operation of these development environments is simple: the code in the background – created in advance – as well as APIs and various data accesses, are hidden through a graphical construction.

You just need to “drag and drop” blocks of code visually in a user-friendly interface, corresponding to the components you want to integrate into the future application.
The connections between these components are planned in a logical order, allowing the application to be launched quickly.
Personalization of the Daxium-Air application

In addition to this democratization of programming, the no-code platform has more than just advantages for developing your application: real benefits!

Want to learn more about no-code solutions?

A considerable time-saving.

Since the code already exists before the application, the development time is logically reduced. Professional developers can also use it as an additional tool used at a higher level than anyone else to quickly create a cutting-edge, flexible, and easily controllable solution.

Another source of time-saving: the no-code development solution takes care of the hosting and maintenance of the database.

No-code also addresses one of the current issues closely related to the need for increased productivity: time to market. It’s mathematical: if the application is launched quickly, the time for end-users to access a higher level of productivity will be reduced. You have everything to gain!

An invaluable budget saving.

In the case of an application developed by a professional in programming languages, it is almost impossible for the client to control the tool. Thus, evolving a custom solution can be long and very costly for the client. Indeed, it is up to the developer to rework the code directly in the heart of the application. And here, beware of the explosion of the budget in “tests and modifications”!

On the contrary, a no-code platform has the huge advantage for the client to be able to gain skills and thus take control of the tool to evolve it himself, if he has the necessary resources and if it represents a financial interest.

The interest of the no-code platform lies in the possibilities it offers to test automation to the maximum, add and remove as many desired components, configure infinitely, until the application presents the expected design and functionality… without additional costs.

The technology is available, all you have to do is use it and play with it. This is a great strength of the no-code interface, especially since business ecosystems are constantly evolving, requiring constant responsiveness and flexibility to keep up with changing needs.

Relevant use, efficiency, and proximity.

It cannot be stressed enough: before choosing any tool, it is essential that you determine the use cases it must address, in other words, “What and who will the application serve, in what context, etc…” A piece of advice: involve the teams concerned; their feedback is valuable and will help refine the application’s features.

Moreover, by having and sharing a clear vision of the goal your application must serve, you give yourself and your colleagues the opportunity to quickly measure the project’s advantages: accelerated onboarding, ease of working closely with the field, smoother conversion of employees to new technologies, increased time spent managing value-added tasks… advantages entirely in line with the requirements of today’s working world!

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The comparison to definitively shift you towards no-code!

To conclude our demonstration effectively, here is an eloquent summary comparing three options:

  • Have your application developed by developers,
  • Use an existing business app,
  • Opt for Daxium’s no-code solution.
No-code solution and developer comparison.


Daxium-Air is the so-called “no-code” web-mobile solution that allows you to build your own applications without specific development. With a simple “drag-and-drop” and a few simple settings, your application comes to life. Alone or with the support of Daxium, you get a custom, personalized, scalable, and flexible tool in minimal time and on a limited budget – compared to traditional development – connected to all yourcompany’s data and perfectly matching your internal processes and your business needs.

With just a few clicks, your company can digitalize its processes and rapidly gain in efficiency and productivity. So when do we start?

Discover Daxium-Air, the most flexible no-code solution on the market!