Field Diagnostics: Daxium & Oxand Launch ‘Oxand Diag’

Digitalized field diagnostics.

Oxand Diag: The application for conducting field diagnostics more simply and efficiently.

Oxand, a software editor dedicated to democratizing predictive maintenance of buildings for managers and owners, and Daxium, a recognized player in the development of powerful mobile solutions, announce the creation of a new mobile application dedicated to field diagnostics: Oxand Diag.

The tool provides field diagnosticians with a turnkey and mobile solution to report the real condition of building components in order to generate maintenance and construction actions. This data is sent and labeled in the Oxand Simeo software, a decision support and budgeting solution for major maintenance and renewal investments over short, medium, and long-term plans.

Field Diagnostics on Mobile with Oxand Diag and Daxium-Air

Bringing mobility, simplicity, and connectivity to field diagnostics.

As the European leader in predictive building and infrastructure management software, Oxand complements its offering with a powerful and easily deployable mobility and field data collection solution. Congratulations to our technical-commercial teams and our partner Daxium.
Rémy Jacquier, Executive President of Oxand

I am delighted to bring mobility to the Oxand Simeo solution. Structuring and ensuring the reliability of field data is a key step in managing investments. This mobile component, based on robust and proven technology, will support this need.
Charles Ancelin, Technical Director of Oxand

Oxand’s expertise allows communicating field information in a unique data repository for each stakeholder, making data smart through Smart Data, providing foresight, and objectifying decisions on operational and maintenance investments to be made over the next 10, 20, 30 years.

This promising partnership has the advantage of combining Oxand’s high-level expertise in building management with Daxium-Air’s mobile technology, allowing for the rapid collection of structured information on sites and buildings from a smartphone and tablet. We offer the best of both worlds.
Yann de Saint Vaulry, President of Daxium

About Oxand:

As a software editor, Oxand is the European leader in PredTech, specializing in predictive maintenance and sustainable optimization of the performance of real estate assets and infrastructure The Oxand Simeo™ software digitizes maintenance and investment decision-making processes, generating 30% cost savings for clients: reduced total cost, increased availability, controlled risks, extended lifespan, and team productivity. Oxand operates in 10 countries.

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About Daxium:

Daxium is a software editor specializing in the performance of mobile employees. Its goal: optimize the work of field teams and streamline their relationships with headquarters. Its web/mobile no-code SaaS platform Daxium-Air has been awarded 11 times for its innovative character, serving more than 50 major accounts, with users in over 45 countries and 3 agencies, including Dubai, for export. In a few years, Daxium-Air has become a reference in the mobile computing market.

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