Technical Interventions Management: Why Choose a Fully Customizable Application?

Create your applications to manage technical interventions.

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At Daxium, we are convinced that you need a fully customized tool for managing technical interventions. Because it’s not about changing your work habits, but about the tool adapting to your way of working. A company that manages interventions of mobile collaborators has everything to gain by equipping itself with a dedicated digital solution.

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A customized tool adapted to your organization for managing technical interventions.

Digital transformation in companies cannot be the same everywhere, with the same tools. It is unrealistic to think that a suite of software or applications will be enough to create conditions for collaboration in all sectors.

In the field of technical interventions, internal processes, working with subcontractors, exchanging information with your clients are all parameters that require customization of your management tool to:

  • Facilitate the work of your on-site interveners. They have all the updated information with them. Intervention forms are too prone to loss and, in any case, are not 100% reliable in case of parameter changes. With a dedicated application, all data is present in the Cloud and cannot be misplaced.
  • Facilitate tour management: maintenance or installation interventions are primarily subject to tour management and, more broadly, fleet management. A tool that takes into account your tours will facilitate scheduling and interventions based on location. This way, you can save on fuel and have a lower impact on the environment.
  • Increase customer satisfaction: consequently, faster, more efficient interventions that precisely meet the needs of customers increase satisfaction rates.
  • And employee satisfaction too! Technical interveners appreciate having a simple, intuitive tool that is updated in real-time. This increases their work comfort, improving their productivity and overall well-being.

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Have an evolving solution to optimize technical interventions.

Technician interventions on-site are subject to many criteria that can change regularly. Added to this are changes directly within the company. Thus, legislation and standards regarding the safety of technicians can evolve This is also the case for your internal processes, such as recruitment, changes in positions, or equipment management.

In addition to these sometimes forced changes, companies in the technical sector also face increasingly fierce competition from new players born in the digital age.

By choosing a personalized solution for your company, you will be able to:

  • Optimize collaboration and information sharing. Internal or external changes to the technical sector require better collaboration between different services and data sharing. Improved communication will mechanically lead to better productivity.
  • Collect intervention reports as soon as they are completed and provide a precise analysis. This way, you will improve on-site visits.
  • Make decisions more easily. Thanks to the analysis of data provided by a customized solution, you will be able to better manage your activity, have a vision of the future, and improve internal processes.

Promote tool adoption by your employees.

The change management in digital transformation is sometimes painful. Especially when basic solutions that do not necessarily meet the needs of their profession are imposed on employees.

On the other hand, if you opt for a solution co-constructed with them, whose automations are completely aligned with the functioning of their company and internal teams, and if you accompany them in the deployment, you have every chance of obtaining full adherence to the tool. Add to this a personalized design, in the colors of the company, which reinforces the feeling of a tailor-made solution, and you are guaranteed that the deployed tool will be adopted 100%!

“This digital transformation project is a real success because we involved the people.”
Cyril Muntzer, Founding Manager of Ax’eau.
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Employees, both those working inside the company and technical interveners on-site, also participate in the creation and evolution of the solution. In this way, always in a co-construction approach, they enrich the functionalities themselves and work together within the same tool. Which will require only one training for everyone, making its adoption faster and more exciting.

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Improve the performance of your company.

A personalized digital solution will also offer you a precise analysis of performance. Companies that function – and that have been able to weather the crisis without damage – are those that study their results precisely within a solution designed for them. Some choose tools from their sector, but it is even more relevant to opt for a tailor-made solution.

You will thus have access to a personalized dashboard where you will visualize the key indicators (KPIs) that you want to follow. Thus, all the data from your company is compiled in a single tool through the personalized integration of your own ERP, CRM, and other organizational tools.

To convince oneself of the difference brought by digital, Aberdeen Group published a report in 2014 that already showed how much a digital solution modifies the performance of companies and employees in managing technical interventions.
The more intervention technicians use their mobile solutions, the more fulfilled they are in their work. This well-being directly translates into the quality of their relationships with customers. Champions in the use of mobile intervention management tools display a higher retention rate than other companies.


Choosing a tool that adapts to you, and that will continue to adapt to your changes, is the first element of a successful digital transformation. Even if it seems more expensive at first, in the end, you will gain from it. Because off-the-shelf solutions do not necessarily fit your organization, and you will lose time trying to adapt them to your needs. On the contrary, your teams will be more efficient with a tool that exactly meets your internal processes.