Technical Audits: How to Improve Your Quality Processes?

How to conduct a technical audit?

How to Digitize Your Quality Processes for Technical Audits?
Technical audits involve numerous criteria to consider, data to integrate, and analyses to produce. However, all these tasks are time-consuming and limit the time dedicated to client recommendations. With dedicated digital tools, technical audits are streamlined, resulting in more relevant reports.

Digitize Your Technical Audit Procedures.

The most important, and perhaps the most challenging, aspect of a technical audit is to establish a methodology that will adapt to each situation. It is essential that the inspections by technical auditors are based on the same foundations. This primarily involves standardizing analysis forms and all other documents that harmonize the collected information and lead to consistent recommendations.

Often, companies that conduct technical audits still use paper forms. And where there is paper, there is also an increase in the risk of errors. Indeed, these forms are not always filled out as they should be, and certain occurrences are not indicated. Therefore, the digitalization of processes through a digital tool for all employees will allow you to:

  • Normalize your forms: for example, all occurrences must be filled out. Your information will be more reliable.
  • Automatically integrate data for analysis.
  • Harmonize validation processes. You can control who does what, how, and when. Without being a spy, this functionality facilitates the organization of your teams.

Automate everything that can be automated during inspections and afterward.

The time wasted on time-consuming tasks is not unique to technical study and inspection companies. Nevertheless, they are particularly concerned with:

  • Data entry,
  • Updating data, standards, regulations…
  • Planning technical audits,
  • And report writing.

Tasks that could be automated with a customized digital tool. With the right solutions, it is now possible to automate a large part of repetitive tasks. However, tools on the market are often impersonal and do not match the business processes of diagnostic and technical study companies. But it is now possible to create your own solution, without coding knowledge, and automate your reports, forms, alerts, etc.

Your auditors, as well as your internal staff, can then focus on tasks with real added value, starting with the analysis and recommendations to clients.

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Have a common and easily accessible database.

In technical audits, images are as important as written reports. However, auditors often face an accumulation of photos on their smartphones, paper documents, emails with large attachments, etc.

The use of a digital solution accessible to all auditors and staff, on the other hand, allows for archiving and organizing all contracts, client files, photos, folders, as well as standards and their updates. Instead of searching through a folder among dozens of files, the entire repository is in the smartphone or computer, and in the right place. With one click, the desired document appears. And everyone can access the same data, promoting collaboration and equality in accessing information.

Facilitate note-taking with digital forms.

Digital forms are also a good way to assist auditors in note-taking. Not only can they list all the control points, but they also limit the risk of errors. While there are no specific figures on errors made on paper, it is reasonable to assume that they are much less common on a digital platform that has been standardized beforehand. In other words, the software can alert in case of an error. Similarly, through standardizing responses, it is possible to generate automatic reports.

Note-taking also offers a time-saving and increased efficiency. It is estimated that digital tools save 20% of time, equivalent to 1 extra day per week in the field. This time is particularly useful for analysis and providing recommendations to clients.

Follow the right indicators for your clients.

A customized technical audit tool also promotes the analysis of numerous compiled and structured information. The digital solution is capable of cross-referencing data for you and refining your recommendations based on multiple criteria:

  • By client,
  • By building type,
  • By geographical area,
  • By sector,
  • Etc.

Auditors will be better able to evaluate each situation and make even more precise recommendations. Consequently, you will increase customer satisfaction and commercial performance. Furthermore, by implementing measures on both technical and safety aspects, you will demonstrate the professionalism of your organization.


The digitization of technical audits is an essential step for all companies in the sector. Thanks to this, they will become more efficient and agile, responding even better to the needs of their clients. Choosing a solution entirely tailored to their image will allow them to evolve in their own ecosystem and facilitate change management.

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