How Tri’n’Collect Improved Productivity in 6 Months with Daxium-Air Solution?

Tri’n’Collect : a Mission-Drive Company.

Tri’n’Collect is a small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) operating since 2019, based in Saint-Herblain in the Nantes region (France). Its mission is to preserve the environment by preventing construction site waste and recycling it in a circular economy.

T’n’C sets up sorting stations on construction sites witch are then collected to recover and recycle the waste. With the goal of conserving natural resources, T’n’C assists project owners in recycling construction site waste, allowing for the valorization of nearly 90% of this waste.

In Search of an Agile and Industry-Specific Solution.

T’n’C needed visibility to manage its operations efficiently, as the dployment of sorting stations and their numerous collections required significant organization.

Initially, site collections were managed using an Excel file. This tracking method was not reliable enough, lacked collaboration, and was time-consuming for monitoring the activities of all teams. T’n’C then looked for a tool to digitse its operations in order to increase productivity and better organise its collections. With a growing demand for sorting stations from various service providers, T’n’C urgently needed an agile and industry-specific solution to manage multiple construction sites effectively.

To meet these needs, T’n’C implemented the web and mobile solution Daxium-Air to optimize its operations management.

Digitized Collections for Enhanced Visibility.

Daxium-Air centralizes the setup and removal of sorting stations on a single platform, based on project requirements and locations. T’n’C’s daily life is revolutionized by the ability tovisualize the different sorting stationson a map , according to the type of job.

Agents in the field can take photos and add captions. Forms are sent to head office in real time, enabling rapid monitoring of site progress and decision-making. Reports are sent automatically each time an agent passes by, with information on the waste collected, to ensure traceability with those involved. Employees did not have to change their way of working; Daxium-Air adapted to their roles and tasks, making their daily work easier.

“Daxium-Air is much more than an application creation platform; I can create my software simply based on my tools and needs.”
Quentin Charoy, Co-founder and President of Tri’n’Collect

Time Savings and Improved Efficiency in Daily Operations.

T’n’C was able to optimize its operations by planning agent schedules centrally from the headquarters using Daxium-Air. All information collected in the field is automatically centralized in a common database, facilitating analysis with customized dashboards. Daxium-Air has become an indispensable tool for the company’s operations. The solution has improved the visibility of our actions. and strategic decisions have been made with the aim of mass deployment of the T’n’C solution. With Daxium-Air’s user-friendly interface, collectors quickly embraced the tool, streamlining communication with the headquarters.