CMMS software : how to make things simpler, faster and cheaper.

How do I choose CMMS software ?

A fully customisable application for managing your technical interventions.

CMMS (Computerised Maintenance Management System) software allows you to manage :

  • Your equipments : inventory, location, information management by type of equipment…
  • Curative, corrective and preventive maintenance of your equipments : safety, investigation, analysis of malfunction risks…
  • Request for assistance,
  • Your stocks (replenishment, stock valuation…),
  • Purchasing equipment : purchase requisitions, purchase orders, supplier invoicing…
  • Employees and their schedules,
  • Your budget and your labor costs, stocks, purchasing, equipment hire…

The various CMMS software packages are very comprehensive and complex tools, which can sometimes prove very costly.

What’s the alternative to CMMS software ?

very ofter, companies invest in CMMS software bu only use a few of its functions. To monitor the maintenance of their equipments, simpler solutions, faster to deploy ans configure and therefore less costly, need to be studied.

This is the case with the no-code Daxium-Air platform. With Daxium-Air, you can create a customised CMMS application, accorting to your equipment management and maintenance needs :

  • Equipment and asset management,
  • Audits and feasibility studies,
  • Mangement of constructions, upgrading and compliance,
  • Construction reports and intervention reports,
  • Management of service resquests and tickets,
  • Preventive and remedial management,
  • Data collection and analysis with dashboards (business intelligence).
Daxium-Air application for cmms

Would you like to set up your own customised CMMS software ?

Why choose Daxium-Air, the no-code platform for generating application four your CMMS ?

Daxium-Air lets you create your own customised CMMS application. The no-code web platform ensures that your solution is customised down to the smallest detail. By building your own tailor-made, simplified CMMS application, you can be sure that you only get the functionality your really need.

At Daxium, we believe that : software should adapt to the business, not the other wat round. With a customised application, you can model your entire internal organisation with automated processes and workflows to improve your company’s productivity, performance and competitiveness !

Equipment control with cmms Daxium-Air

Deploy your simplified CMMS application in just a few weeks.

Our solution’s no-code technology saves you precious time. You can create as many applications as your company needs.

Usind a drag & drop system, you can build your applications in just a few minutes. Your reports are easy to set up in any format. You can set up the rules for editing and sending these reports in just a few clicks.

Daxium-Air has enabled us to create our business applicaitions in 2-3 weeks, whereas we used to need 5 to 6 months to develop each application.
Daniel BEAUBOUCHEZ, Digitalization & Innocation Manager – SPIE CityNetworks

You too, can deploy your maintenance application in 2-3 weeks.

Examples of how Daxium-Air can be used in your maintenance management :

  • Identify on a map or plan equipment that is operational, out of order or in need of servicing.
  • Plan equipment installation and inspection interventions for field teams. Trasmit the necessary informations in real time to the mobile teams.
  • Digitalise field operations with simple mobile forms and automating the sending of reports to operators.
  • Comply with contrastual maintenance clauses for customer equipment. Examples : Guaranteed Response Time (GRT) and Guaranteed Recovery Time (GRT).
  • Offer customers a platform for reporting malfunctions, requesting service, tracking technicians’ work in real time, etc.
  • Generate a quotation in the event of costs overruns and automate the entire validation process (request ofr quotation, generation of quotation, submission of quotation, validation of quotation…).
Planning equipment checks with cmms Daxium-Air

Daxium-Air, more than just software.

Daxium is not just a SaaS software publisher. Above all, we’re a team dedicated to supporting our customers and users. From project conception to deployment, you have a dedicated project manager at your disposal. You will remain in regular contact and your Daxium contact person will be there. for you whenever you need them.