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The advantages and disavantages of creating mobile business applications.

In this webinar, SPIE CityNetworks share with us the advantages and disavantages of no-code solutions and specific development.
Discover why more than 100 mobile business applications have been created with Daxium-Air.

Business mobile applications webinar : no-code solution or custom development ?

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Do you want to implement a mobile application so that your field teams can provide real-time information ?

Regardless of your industry of activity (Retail, Industry, Facility Management, Field Service, Technical Audits and Inspections…), you need to meet the specific business and organizational requirements of your company.

There are 3 ways to set up mobile business applications :

  • Tailor-made development,
  • Choose a ready-made application,
  • Opt for a no-code solution.

Why set up mobile application for my teams in the field ?

Business mobile applications are valuable tools for teams in the field, enabling them to be more productive, more efficient and better informed. This involves cross-communication between team members and the headquarters, enabling real-time instruction and rapid information transmission.

Mobile applications allow teams to access the necessary information for their work anytime and anywhere. Mobile teams can fill in forms to collect data, enabling head office teams to make decisions based on factual data. No more errors, no more delays, no more manual transmission of information and no more copying from paper forms.

How do you choose between a no-code solution and custom development ?

The main advantage of no-code solutions is that they are more accessible to non-developers. They allow users to create applications without having to write a single line of code. In contrast, custom development requires programming knowledge and technical skills to create a mobile application.

No-code solutions such as Daxium-Air are often faster and more cost-effective than specific mobile development. With specific development, it can take a lot of time and money to develop a complete mobile application. No-code solutions enable users to develop applications quickly, using predefined templates and customising their functionality to suit their needs.

Finally, no-code solutions often offer greate flexibility for users. With specific development, it can be difficult to change the functionality of an application once it has been developed and deployed on all mobile phones.

SPIE CityNetworks gives you the keys to making the right choice between specific development or a no-code solution for your business mobile application.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the different solutions : budget, timescales, autonomy, scalability, data security, etc. ?

Take advantage of feedback from Daniel Beaubouchez, Head of digitalisation and innocation at SPIE Networks. Some solutions have been custom-developed, while over 100 mobile business applications have been created using Daxium-Air, the no-code platform of reference in mobile computing (used in over 65 countries).

  • What were the issues and needs ?
  • Why did you choose this or that solution ?
  • How were they set up at SPIE CityNetworks ?

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