Daxium joins the Visiativ dynamic. A group at the heart of companies’ digital transformation.

Daxium joins the Visiativ digital ecosystem.

Daxium joins the Visiativ Group
Daxium joins the Visiativ group. Visiativ has acquired a 68% stake in Daxium, publisher of the Daxium-Air software platform. This SaaS platform makes it easy to create customizable business mobile applications, tailored to the needs of mobile teams.

Thanks to this acquisition, Visiativ strengthens its value proposition as a gas pedal of innovation and digital transformation for SMEs and ETIs. Daxium solutions will be an integral part of the Visiativ Innovation Platform, transforming business processes into mobile applications. In addition to expanding Visiativ’s current offering, the Daxium-Air no-code platform will join the Visiativ Agora technology platform in the medium term, enabling Visiativ customers to generate their own mobile business applications.

Boosting innovation at Daxium-Air.

Joining Visiativ represents an opportunity for Daxium to accelerate its growth in France and abroad. Daxium will benefit from new resources and technologies by joining the Visiativ ecosystem, a leader in digital, social and environmental transformations for SMEs and ETIs. Already present in over 60 countries, Daxium-Air’s no-code solution will be available in previously unserved markets, thanks to the Group’s extensive network and 21,000 customers.

This new adventure will allow Daxium to stay as close as ever to its customers, to innovate, and to meet the needs of its users in creating mobile applications in record time for field teams.