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Centralising data collection and processing.

In this webinar, Angers Loire Métropole shares with us how this smart city, in partnership with Equans and Daxium, processes the data produced by the teams in the field across various sevices to converge them towards a unified control room.

Webinar smart city : Streamline exchanges between players thanks to personalised application

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Innovation at the service of local and regional authorities for the cities of the future.

A smart city is a city that uses information and communication technologies to improve the quality of life of its residents, increase energy efficiency and enhance public services. As urban growth intensifies, smart city professions aim to create a new model for urban development by digitalising the collection and processing of urban data.

Simplify communication between the various businesses and players involved in the Smart City.

To be a smart city, it’s important to collect and analyze urban data in real time on various aspects of the community, such as urban traffic, resource management or consumption habits. The challenge for these professions (waste management, mobility and transport, roads, street furniture, equipment maintenance, networks, etc.) is to work with multiple players (subcontractors, partners, end customers, mobility agents, residents, etc.) and their multiple tools.

Mobiles applications to collect data and power smart cities.

Daxium-Air is a no-code web platform that allows you to customize mobile applications to suit your departments and businesses, enabling all players to collect and share business information in real time. You can create as many application as there are professions to identify issues and manage interventions. Once collected, the data can be analysed to identify trends and improve urban life of your connected city.

Angers Loire Métropole is setting up Daxium-Air to collect information and analyse urban data with its partner Equans.

How can the interconnected players and their tools be made to converge, centralise their operations and transmit information effectively in real time ?

In this webinar, discover :

  • How to create your own mobile applications to collect data in real time,
  • How to manage networks, manage road services, organise cleanliness, optimise waste management, plan equipment maintenance, control street furniture , and optimise mobility and transport services,
  • How to digitise your actions and interventions to retrieve information from the field,
  • How to optimise the communication and transfer of urban data with customers, partners and the city’s technical staff.

Webinar hosted by :

Ariel Gomez
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Yves Mahe
Digital referent
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Irfan Senol
Data expert
in mobility

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