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Retail excellence for a better customer experience.

In this webinar, we’ll give you the keys to aligning your teams towards operational excellence. Find out how business mobile applications have become essential to the implementation of retail excellence in leading retail companies.
Webinar - Retail : business mobile applications for operational excellence.

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Business mobile applications for operational excellence.

Operational excellence is an approach that aims to optimize a company’s performance: higher productivity, improved product and service quality, reduced operating costs and greater organizational efficiency .

Distributors and manufacturers are striving to achieve a level of operational excellence in order to provide an optimal excellence in order to provide an optimal customer experience in a highly competitive environment. This means improved sales productivity, better operational management and sales training for ever more personalized customer service.

Unified communication within shop teams.

Achieving retail excellence is not always easy, especially in an environment where employees and partners work together, and with different tools. You also have to take into account the constraints of the different stores : your own shop, franchises, corners in multi-brand shop, etc.

To achieve operational excellence, it is important to improve collaboration between the various players. They exchanges information on a daily basis on a variety of subjects : sales, stocks, current promotions, the progress of actions that have been implemented, etc.

Discover how mobile business applications have become essential to achieving operational exellence for the point of sale network and teams. With these mobile applications, all those involved can monitor information in the field in real time and communicate with each other.

Companies in the retail sector use these solutions to foster communication between store teams, managers and office management, roll out processes across the network and encourage the adoption of best practices.

Discover business mobile applications for a better operational experience.

In this webinar, we will introduce you to the Daxium-Air no-code web and mobile platform, dedicated to sales teams.

We’ll discuss strategies implemented by retail companies to increase and track sales in real time against targets, implement promotion/merchandising campaigns, manage store maintenance and optimize physical inventory of products and testers for better stock management.

With the participation of :

Tom Crepin
Tom Crepin Manager Régional – Middle East