Stellantis Startup Awards : a 12th innovation award for Daxium !

A customised application for quality control.

The international group Stellantis awards its “Stellantis Startup Awards”, a global distinction, in the quality category to Daxium. All Daxium teams are proud of the work accomplished with Stellantis teams worldwide, recognized by the receipt of this title. Thanks to this project, Daxium receives its 12th innovation award.

Stellantis uses Daxium-Air to control vehicle quality.

Stellantis teams chose the Daxium-Air no-code solution to implement an essential application for controlling and monitoring the quality of the company’s vehicles worldwide.

The old paper forms have been digitized in Daxium-Air with over 500 checkpoints. vehicle inspection dashboards allow Stellantis to validate the compliance of vehicles leaving the factory before sending them to dealerships.

The main objective is to ensure the quality and delivery of vehicles imported by Stellantis to the final customer while adhering to the most stringent standards. Our Daxium-Air solution has assisted Stellantis in improving their quality control process.

A first pilot project that will soon be extended to Morocco, Egypt, Israel and Europe.

« Daxium has shown great added vamied by following Stellantis’ path of innovation, improving our quality control process, and offering an ideal application.»
Farhate Elouati, Head of IT Casablanca-Maroc – IT Project Manager, Stellantis

Stellantis Startup Awards, an award for innovative startups.

For the first time, Stellantis has decided to award prizes the Startup Awards to innovative companies, somestimes startups, in seven different areas of expertise to honor the partnerships established worldwide with them. They relate to the following themes:

  • Customer Experience
  • Quality
  • New Business
  • Automotive Technology
  • Industry 4.0
  • Logistics
  • Agility and Efficiency

Through these awards, Stellantis sees the opportunity to highlight disruptive ideas and customer-oriented innovations to continue advancing in the world of tech. The long-term goal lies in their “Dare Forward 2023” plan, which aims to ensure safe, sustainable and affordable transportation.

The selection of these winners was based on 5 criteria:

  • Does the innovation support and accelerate Stellantis’ strategic plan?
  • To what extent is the innovation customer-centric?
  • Does the innovation enhance the brand’s value?
  • Can Stellantis support the startup significantly ?
  • Can we create a partnership that creates significant value for the startup, the customer and Stellantis?

About Stellantis.

Stellantis is an automotive manufacturer that offers clean, connected, affordable and safe mobility solutions. Recognized internationally, this group innovates and collaborates with key partners with the goal of becoming a sustainable mobility tech company.

About Daxium.

Daxium, a SaaS software publisher, specializes in the performance of field teams. Daxium team develops a no-code platform that allows its clients to design business applications without coding to facilitate operational exchanges between the headquarters and mobile teams, particularly in the areas of quality control, maintenance, or technical audits.