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Digitalize the tasks and processes of your field teams.

In this webinar, Super U de Vertou shares with us the tools they have implemented to optimize in-store processes and facilitate the daily tasks of teams in the retail industry.

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The efficiency of in-store teams, a key factor in point-of-sale performance.

Retail networks such as Super U are faced with the complexities of managing their different activities: physical stores, drives, rental services, as well as various storage facilities. This complexity leads to communication difficulties between departments and professions within the same sales outlet.

In-store teams regularly face problems in their day-to-day work that have a direct impact on the performance of supermarket chains. By implementing tools that meet the specific needs of each role, you optimize your processes and improve the productivity of your store.

Streamline exchanges between all your teams and external service providers.

Field teams must regularly exchange information with each other and with their suppliers. For simple, optimized and responsive processes, it’s important that information is transmitted in real time, to the right person, wherever they may be.

Discover how customizable mobile applications have become indispensable for optimizing store processes and improving productivity in the retail and mass distribution sectors.

These applications allow you to create simple, customized tools for :

  • Meet communication and information transmission needs;
  • Report anomalies in real time to each department manager or to suppliers;
  • Centralize information and easily access historical data;
  • Enable an immediate action plan, for better customer service.

Customized mobile applications for operational excellence at the point of sale.

In this webinar, we will introduce you to the Daxium-Air no-code web and mobile platform, dedicated to sales teams.

Discover the testimonials of Pierre Godineau, Managing Partner of Super U de Vertou, and Philippe Le Cam, former General Manager of Système U’s IT subsidiary. They will present the tools that have been put in place to optimize store processes and facilitate teams’ daily tasks.

These tools include a set of mobile applications dedicated to each in-store process:

  • Hygiene and quality audits;
  • Technical maintenance request ;
  • Intervention request ;
  • Store home
  • Drive home
  • After-sales service management
  • HR feedback
  • Manager news

This innovative approach enables retail chains to improve communication and information transmission at the point of sale, while boosting the operational efficiency of in-store teams.

With the participation of :

Webinar Yann de Saint Vaulry

Pierre Godineau
Managing Partner
Super U Vertou

Webinar Yann de Saint Vaulry

Philippe Le Cam
Former General Manager
Système U IT subsidiary

Webinar Yann de Saint Vaulry

Yann de Saint-Vaulry
General Manager