How did Super U in Vertou optimize its in-store processes with the Daxium-Air application?

Super U digitalizes its in-store processes.

Vertou’s Super U, run by Philippe Godineau and his brother, isone of the biggest supermarkets in Nantes’ Sud Loire region. Today, it employs around 200 people in a variety of activities: physical stores, drives, rental services and various storage facilities. All these activities confront them with a complexity of management and often lead to communication difficulties between the different departments and trades present within the same sales outlet.

Thanks to the digitization of processes on Daxium-Air, Vertou’s Super U has been able to create simple tools tailored to its businesses for :

  • Meet communication and information transmission needs;
  • Report anomalies in real time to each department manager or to suppliers;
  • Centralize information and easily access historical data;
  • Enable an immediate action plan, for better customer service.

Develop a library of applications to centralize in-store processes.

Vertou’s Super U needed to professionalize the organization of its tasks and create tools to meet its needs in terms of communication, feedback and descent. Needs are felt in HR, hygiene and quality, as well as in logistics and sales.

Store teams used to carry out and record their assignments in simple files, e-mails or even filing cabinets. They regularly went back and forth to communicate information to managers or suppliers. These procedures, often long and repetitive, cost them time and efficiency.

To address its challenges, Super U has implemented the web and mobile solution Daxium-Air to centralize its in-store processes, which includes a set of mobile applications dedicated to each team:

  • Hygiene and quality audits;
  • Technical maintenance request ;
  • Intervention request ;
  • Store home ;
  • Home drive ;
  • After-sales service management ;
  • HR feedback ;
  • Manager news.

Digitized collections for greater efficiency.

Daxium-Air organizes a range of tools for each in-store service on a single platform. Field teams can easily enter anomalies detected in-store, customer feedback, inventories of certain rental products or HR information on their application, adding photos and captions as required. Forms are sent inreal time to department managers or suppliers, enabling rapid progress monitoring and immediate action planning. All store processes are now entered into the application in the form of forms. The employees haven’t changed the way they work, but Daxium-Air has adapted to their professions, their jobs and, above all, their problems, by giving them access to a complete digital tool.

“Today, we’re very satisfied with this solution, which was very easy to set up and has saved us time and, above all, efficiency.”
Pierre Godineau, Super U Vertou manager

Time Savings and Improved Efficiency in Daily Operations.

The U store has been able to optimize its in-store processes by offering a platform with personalized applications for its staff, which automatically centralizes data. These are saved in a database, so that a history can be kept.

Daxium-Air has become an indispensable tool for the company’s operations. As the tools were easy to learn, all the store teams were able to get to grips with the applications quickly, making exchanges between them much more fluid.