Webinar | Replay | In-store asset management: How to control your facilities with a 100% customizable solution?

Optimize asset management for a better customer experience.

In this webinar, we give you the keys to improving your in-store asset management. Find out how Daxium-Air, the no-code web & mobile platform, enables you to streamline communication between your mobile and head office teams, so you can effectively manage your moveable asset installations.

Webinar optimize your store asset management

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Efficient in-store asset management for a better shopping experience.

To strengthen their competitive position and offer an exceptional customer experience, retail companies invest heavily in assets such as fixtures and shelves. These assets play a key role in showcasing products in-store and reducing costs, helping to revolutionize the shopping experience for consumers.

Efficient asset management is crucial and must not be neglected to optimize store operations. It comprises several key aspects:
Inventory tracking: rigorous stock and replenishment management has a direct impact on customer satisfaction and store profitability. Regular inventory control is essential to ensure optimum product availability.
Equipment maintenance: fixed assets such as heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems, IT equipment and safety devices require regular maintenance to prevent malfunctions. This maintenance is essential to ensure their smooth operation and long service life.
Analysis and reporting: the ability to produce detailed reports and analyze asset data is fundamental. It enables you to make informed decisions to improve operations, reduce costs and increase store profitability.

Streamline communication between your teams with a customizable mobile application.

Communication between your teams in the field and at head office can sometimes be complicated to manage. Some information takes a long time to circulate, and this has a direct impact on employee and store performance. By using a mobile application such as
you give your teams a communication tool that enables real-time feedback of information to the right people, and improves the management of your store and your assets.

Digitalize your asset management and get detailed real-time tracking.

With customizable forms, your teams can enter information directly into their application and centralize this data in a single tool. This allows you to :
Report on asset installations;
– Scan your product references with a QR code to access product information;
– Take photos and report repair needs;
– Record equipment installation and maintenance dates.”

Digitizing your asset management from Daxium-Air gives you detailed, real-time monitoring, so you can react quickly when making decisions.

In this webinar, we present Daxium-Air, our web and mobile solution dedicated to field teams.

Discover features that will enable you to efficiently manage your asset installations:

– Access to a centralized database for your teams, enabling optimized coordination and communication;
Real-time comparison of completed and pending installations, providing a clear overview of progress;
– Intuitive dashboards provide real-time monitoring of key performance indicators, essential for proactive, informed management.

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