Why Daxium is the best alternative to Kizeo?

A comprehensive no-code solution dedicated to your industries.

Upload your network information
Our Daxium-Air no-code mobile application allows you to digitize your processes to improve your team’s operational performance and your company’s productivity. With its numerous features, the application adapts to your rules and business processes and personalizes itself to your image, respecting user rights. You have a wide range of data management capabilities, from collection to analysis. Our data structuring system allows you to connect to precise third-party tools or IS on your products or services and access them from the application. When information is relayed from the field, your teams will have access to these pre-recorded data and can use them. This way, you limit input errors, centralize your data, and your teams save valuable time.

Build your database with your field information.

Several mobile applications, customizable according to your team profiles, can be created to meet the needs of different categories of users. From your back-office space, create different forms and define the information you want to collect based on your industries and processes. All your data is saved, and a history by filter (equipment, customers, teams, date, status…) is available at any time.
Customize your forms to manage your networks

Manage and organize your teams’ work.

Advanced scheduling, assignment, and dissemination functions from the back office are accessible to improve your team’s schedules and tasks organization. Communication between your mobile and office-based teams is facilitated. Thus, you get a calendar view of all your missions, by user and by team. You also have the ability to assign tasks to a colleague, who will be informed by notification via the mobile application or even by SMS.

Analyze your data via Power BI dashboards.

Our Daxium-Air application allows you to design and integrate web and/or mobile dashboards. By being able to connect them to the Microsoft Power BI tool or other BI software on the market, you can:
– Build your personalized dashboards with all visualization options;
– Consolidate everything with the data of your choice and consult dynamic dashboards from your Daxium-Air interface;
– Share them internally and, if necessary, externally as well for better visibility with your clients.
Data analysis is facilitated, and decision-making is faster and more efficient.
Compliance Dashboards

Automate your processes.

Workflows add flexibility, automation, and integration of your business processes into the web and mobile application. Define in advance each automation you need based on who does what, when, and how. They will save you significant time and increase productivity.

Daxium vs. Kizeo comparison table.

Form features
Unlimited quantities
Offline mode
Back-office features
System of cards and sub-cards
Work scheduling
Back-office mapping
Custom plan layers
CSV import
Card distribution
Complete customization of the back-office
Advanced search
Creation of shortcuts
User rights management
Mobile features
Optional SMS notification
Mobile photo library
Advanced mobile search
Complete customization of applications
Multiple applications possible
Advanced dashboards
Back-Office dashboards
Mobile dashboards
Integration with PowerBI
Automatic reports
Scheduled reports
Source: kizeo-forms.com (information collected on 01/02/2024)

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