How to streamline communication between your field teams, office teams, and clients?

The stakeholders of your daily life.

Better communication with Daxium-Air

Internal communication within your organization encompasses all processes and practices aimed at facilitating the exchange of information and knowledge within your organization. It includes communication between different hierarchical levels (management, managers, employees) and various departments or teams (office and field). Your clients can also be considered stakeholders in your business since you work with and for them. Effective communication with all these stakeholders is crucial, and its efficiency has a real impact on your company’s productivity.

Tailored communication for your business activities

The use of appropriate communication tools is essential to facilitate exchanges between your employees and clients. While there are many collaborative platforms for chatting, file sharing, or video conferencing, they may not necessarily meet your business needs, especially for mobile teams. However, it is essential to ensure that information is relayed to the relevant individuals so they can communicate effectively and responsively.

A tool designed for your mobile and office teams.

A recurring challenge is the repetition of low-value tasks for your team members. Administrative tasks, while essential for maintaining an overview of ongoing activities, consume a lot of time and are not the main activity of some of your employees, especially those working in the field. Therefore, it is necessary to use a solution that adapts to your business needs and is simple and quick to use.

A mobile application that digitizes your processes.

Using paper formats is not suitable for your needs; your data is scattered, documents are not always delivered to the right person, and there are numerous issues. A mobile application tailored to your needs and industries is precisely the tool you need to streamline your employees’ daily tasks. Actually, applications like Daxium-Air allow you to improve your processes by collecting, centralizing, and analyzing your data. Depending on certain features and configurations, your teams can transmit information via the application directly to the relevant individuals and, most importantly, in real-time. A manager at the office can now be aware of an anomaly in the field without waiting for the team’s return and can immediately implement a corrective action plan.

How Daxium-Air helps you in real-time information transmission?

1. Customize your mobile application.
Our Daxium-Air solution is customizable from the back office according to your company and needs. The appearance can be customized by adding your colors, logo, icons, to create your interface that reflects your company. Then, you can customize all your forms, allowing your teams to provide field data. This is where you define the information you need based on your teams’ missions, such as providing the name of the person, date, location, information about an anomaly report with the ability to add an annotated photo, and much more.

2. Retrieve field data.
From a smartphone or tablet, your field teams have access to the application and can enter the required field information. The synchronization between the back office and the application is immediate, ensuring that you have an up-to-date tool at all times. Your field teams have a simple and fast tool, allowing them to digitally centralize all information. During an intervention, your employees have the necessary information on the tasks to be carried out. All your employees become more efficient and can focus on their work with fewer administrative tasks.

3. Settings and automation.
Some features, such as setting up workflows, allow you to create automations, especially for sharing your data. Here are some automations you can set up on Daxium-Air:
– Fill out a form by different people following a step-by-step process;
– Send a notification via the application or an SMS to alert a person when assigned a task;
– Send a confirmation email to the manager if a form is completed.

4. Create and export automated reports.
You can create your own report templates in different formats (Word, Excel, or PDF) to obtain a summary of your field data collected through forms completed by your teams. These reports are exportable to simplify data sharing internally and with your clients. It is possible to automate the email sending of these reports based on conditions.

5. Analysis and transparency of your data.
With customizable dashboards from our solution’s back office, you also get a summary of your activities, with numbers and performance indicators. At a glance, you get your performance and can establish action plans to improve your productivity. These dashboards are accessible by internal personnel to whom you have granted access. From access management, you also have the option to share these dashboards with your clients. This gives them visibility into your activities, which is a guarantee of transparency.

All these features combined in one tool allow you to improve your communication with processes and features tailored to your needs, your field teams, and your clients.

Digitize Your Intervention Management

Do you want to improve and streamline communication between your teams and with your clients?