Daxium 5 Cas d'usage 5 Maintenance and customer service of your equipment

The issues encountered,
by those responsible for equipment.

Managing your equipment is complex due to their number, and organizing your interventions can be a real headache. Factors such as the location of the intervention, the technician, their availability, and potential anomalies to prioritize are essential to your organization, and a tool that centralizes all this information will make your daily life easier.

Daxium for Managing Interventions of Equipment

Why choose the Daxium-Air solution ?

Improve your exchanges


Your data in a precise and qualitative manner.
Improve your performance


Your productivity by reducing
data entry errors.
Centralize your data


Your information and organize your interventions with schedules.
Centralize your data


Your field data and create automations.
Upload your field data with Daxium-Air

Upload in real-time the information of your equipment.

By creating forms from the back-office of your mobile application, you have the ability to customize your fields. These fields will allow you to reference all your equipment by uploading the data you need such as the type of equipment, characteristics, location, photos, etc You can independently add or modify the information that needs to be uploaded, allowing you to have precise information in real time.

Manage your equipment more efficiently.

On the go, from your mobile, you can use NFC tags to identify your equipment. It is then possible to obtain either an information sheet on the concerned equipment or open a specific form to complete and upload information.
The inventory of your equipment is facilitated with all your centralized information. For equipment with a specified location, you can obtain mapping on an external geographic area like an urban area to identify the location of a distribution network, telecommunications equipment, an antenna… In a closed space like a building, a station, an airport, it is possible to locate a more specific place for heating equipment, air conditioning, video surveillance… Your field teams will thus more quickly find the equipment to check.

Mapping of your equipment

Do you want to improve the monitoring of maintenance and customer service of your equipment?

Maintenance scheduling

Organize your maintenance interventions with schedules.

You can organize your maintenances from our Daxium-Air application and manage your schedules. For preventive maintenance and annual checks, it is possible to schedule interventions according to the equipment’s periodicity. For curative maintenance, or if an anomaly is detected, an intervention can be scheduled to send a technician and correct the malfunction. Our solution allows you to organize and track all your maintenances through a calendar. You can assign each maintenance to the concerned person (based on availability, type of intervention, geographic area…) thus improving the organization of your schedules.

Create automations to be more reactive.

The creation of workflows allows you to establish automations within your application. Thus, depending on your needs, it is possible to:

  • Notify managers when an anomaly is detected to organize an intervention;
  • Request verification and validation of information transmitted by an order giver, a client, or a third party;
  • Send an electronic signature request;
  • Automatically generate maintenance or intervention reports in different formats (Word, PDF…).
Maintenance Report
Compliance Dashboards

Follow all your maintenance or customer service interventions.

The intervention data related to the maintenance or customer service of your equipment are historicized, consolidated, and saved in your database. These informations are accessible at any time by the managers. With the management portal, it is possible to apply filters or advanced searches to find all the information on each piece of equipment. These data are analyzable from customized dashboards, to have indicators and manage activities: causes of incidents, resolution time, distribution of interventions by type, compliance rates… The management of rights allows you to share access to dashboards with your collaborators or your clients. Real-time sharing of your dashboards saves time and represents a guarantee of transparency.

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