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The issues encountered,
by network managers.

Managing the performance and safety of your networks is usually the most complex issue to handle. You need to be constantly vigilant and reactive since an anomaly or problem in your networks can have significant repercussions for you or your clients. Therefore, communication among all your teams must be very fluid to respond quickly and follow the progress of your interventions.
Daxium for the management of equipment interventions

Why choose Daxium-Air?

Centralise your data


Your network data and save it in a database.
Share data


Your data in real-time to react quickly.
Improve your performance


The planning, monitoring, and management of your network interventions.
Improve your exchanges


Your data and increase your operational efficiency.
Customize your forms to manage your networks

Digitalize your interventions to improve your productivity.

A customizable mobile application allows you to adapt it to your needs and industries. With form creation, you define the information that your field teams must report. You can also define the appearance of certain fields depending on what was previously entered. Indeed, the information requested can be different whether it’s a follow-up intervention, maintenance, or network diagnostics.

Upload your field information in real-time.

Directly from their mobile, your field teams complete the forms you previously created. This allows you to centralize all your data and identify potential anomalies in real time. Your teams can add photos and comments to illustrate the problem so that the information is as clear as possible. Each responsible person is then informed if an automation is defined and can act quickly.

Upload your network information

Do you want to improve your operations and the security of your networks?

Automatically export your QHSE analysis reports with Daxium-Air

Plan, track, and manage your network interventions.

You must be constantly vigilant about the safety and compliance of your networks. Anomalies, breakdowns, or overloads can occur, and you need to be as reactive as possible. Task planning from our application allows you to adapt your interventions based on priorities. It is possible to assign tasks to certain team members and automatically notify them via application alerts or direct SMS to their mobile. They thus receive all the information concerning the intervention to be carried out.

Improve communication and the quality of your services.

Automating repetitive tasks allows you to save precious time and improve the productivity of your field teams. You optimize your resources thanks to a good configuration of your application, particularly through the implementation of workflows. They will allow you to define an automatic action such as sending a report to the responsible person following an intervention on one of your networks. Communication between your field teams, office teams, or clients is then much smoother.

Analyze your dashboards with customizable performance indicators on Daxium-Air
Automatically export your QHSE analysis reports with Daxium-Air

Monitor the compliance and safety of your networks quickly.

All your data, constituting your database, is exploitable from customizable dashboards. Depending on the essential elements to monitor or the performance indicators to consider, you can analyze your networks and your interventions at a glance from your web space. Access to these dashboards for your clients can be created to offer them transparent service and better visibility on your network management.

Our customers testify.

Ax’eau uses Daxium-Air in water leak detection.

Discover the testimony of Ax’eau, the French leader in water leak detection with more than 10,000 annual interventions for various professionals. Daxium-Air supports the Ax’eau teams daily to upload data, plan interventions, integrate network plans, export intervention reports

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