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The issues encountered,
in the operations and coordination sectors.

Whether you’re a municipality or a private company, you typically need to manage multiple waste management services. Your existing systems may not always be optimized due to manual processes, which result in limited real-time operational visibility and difficulties in ensuring compliance with environmental standards.
Daxium for the management of equipment interventions

Why choose Daxium-Air?

Centralize your data


Your data Improve the visibility across all your operations.
Improve your performance


Your team’s productivity by reducing data entry time.
Share data


Your field information in real time.
Improve your exchanges


Your waste management operations and manage user access.
Daxium application for waste management

Customize your forms based on your waste collection needs.

Creating forms through our mobile app not only provides you with a customizable data collection tool in your image but more importantly, it’s adapted to your needs in terms of field information feedback. Indeed, you have the opportunity to create your own fields so that your field teams can enter associated data. These fields can include information about the person performing the operation, the location to identify the waste center, or specific data on the waste such as weight, size, or the typology of the collected waste to ensure its traceability.

Build your database with your collection records.

Following the creation of forms from the back office, your teams responsible for monitoring waste sorting centers can now fill out these forms directly from their smartphones or tablets. Some features, like the relationships between forms, help you simplify form filling by listing elements that have been pre-recorded. You can have a specific list of several references that your collaborator can select. Other features, like the creation of formulas, allow you to automatically calculate specific data, like the total weight of the waste. Your data is thus more reliable with fewer entry errors, and your field teams save precious time.

Filling a waste collection on Daxium-Air

Do you want to optimize the management of your waste collections?

Plan your waste collection rounds

Plan and organize your waste collection rounds.

From user management, you decide the role of each team member, which allows you to grant access to certain features exclusively to managers. They can access the management part of the application from their web platform. A manager in charge of organizing the rounds can easily plan the waste collections, taking into account all the information listed in Daxium-Air. With a map view to visualize different interventions and a planning tool, your field teams have a clear idea of the tours or collections to be carried out.

Streamline your exchanges and automatically generate your collection reports.

Managers are informed via notifications or SMS when a record is created to check and validate it. The information is communicated in real time, and administrative processes are simplified. Once these records are validated, you can automatically generate reports in your chosen format (Word, Excel, or PDF). These reports provide you with a quick overview of your waste management.

Export your waste collection reports

Want to improve your waste collection management?

Our customers testify.

Urbaine de Travaux uses Daxium-Air for managing its construction sites.

Discover the testimonial from Urbaine de Travaux, a company specializing in construction and services, part of the Fayat group, the fourth-largest construction group in France. Urbaine de Travaux uses Daxium-Air to obtain a quantitative follow-up of information coming from their sites in real-time for statistical purposes.

Thanks to the digitization of their processes, Urbaine de Travaux has seen a gain in productivity, better data management and security. They have been able to customize mobile applications according to their clients’ needs.

They trust us.