Protection and Data Management: How to Ensure Reliability?

What Does Data Protection Entail?

Data protection and management with Daxium-Air
ata protection, also known as data confidentiality, refers to the actions taken to ensure the security of your personal or sensitive information. It encompasses the collection, storage, processing, transmission, and destruction of data, ensuring that it is only accessible to authorized individuals, used appropriately, and not disclosed improperly.

The Importance of Protecting Your Data

If you use data regularly in your professional setting, especially through the use of a mobile application like Daxium-Air or a website, it is crucial to ensure that your data is securely and confidentially handled. A relationship of trust must be established between the application and you as the user. With the significant flow of data circulating in the digital realm, laws and regulations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), have been put in place to regulate data protection.

Data Privacy Practices.

Transparency Between the Publisher and Users
Establishing trust between a no-code solution provider and its users is crucial. This relationship relies on transparency regarding how data is collected, processed, and stored. Therefore, data privacy policies should be transparent, understandable, and easily accessible to users.

Access Management
This is a vital element for better data protection and management. When implementing a mobile business application like Daxium-Air in your company, ensure that it provides you with the ability to control access to your data. Some team members who use the application may not necessarily need access to all collected data. Additionally, if you are handling confidential data, access management should be carefully controlled by your solution provider.

Effective Data Management.

Data protection is an important topic to be informed about, but effective data management is equally crucial. Data management is a process that involves collecting, storing, and analyzing data with the aim of improving:

  • Decision-making within the management;
  • Strategic planning;
  • Team efficiency;
  • company productivity;
  • Customer satisfaction;

Tools such as certain mobile applications are designed to assist companies in the protection and management of their data, making tasks easier and improving their processes.

Key Elements of Data Management.

  1. Data Collection: All the information processed within your company, involving field teams, the office, and management, constitutes your database. These data can be collected in various ways (paper forms, notes, Excel files, applications…) through different members of your teams. Some tools allow for the automatic collection of data to save time.
  2. Data Storage: Once collected, data must be stored and backed up for easy access. Proper organization of this data in the storage database is essential for quickly retrieving necessary information.
  3. Data Analysis: Properly collected and stored data allows you to extract relevant information from raw data. Access to dashboards through mobile business applications can facilitate this process.
  4. Data Sharing: The ability to securely and effectively share data is crucial for improving communication and collaboration within your company. This may involve implementing data-sharing platforms, automated reports, etc.

Protect and Manage Your Data with Daxium-Air

Daxium-Air is a no-code web and mobile solution for creating mobile business applications. It organizes all operational exchanges between field teams and the headquarters on a single platform in a secure manner. Whether you are a salesperson, technician, auditor, site manager, store manager, etc., our application adapts to your needs and field teams!

How Data Management Works at Daxium?

  • Your passwords and those of your users are secured and encrypted in our databases;
  • The integration of Single Sign-On (SSO) enhances the security of user logins;
  • Our databases are not publicly accessible and are encrypted to ensure data integrity;
  • Our access rights management is precise, allowing you to define access rights based on your workspaces;
  • Our firewall and monitoring system enable us to prevent and anticipate unauthorized access to your workspace.

With our Daxium-Air platform for collecting field data, we assist you in:

  • Creating your customized web and mobile applications;
  • Collecting, sharing and compiling your field information;
  • Scheduling your tasks in your calendars with
    real-time notification reception;
  • Automating your processes, scenarios, and
    report sending;
  • Analyzing your data with business intelligence
  • Securing all your data.
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