Intervention Management: What Are the Advantages of Using a Mobile Application?

Why digitalize your operations?

The advantages of an intervention management application.

Working techniques are constantly evolving in a world where digital technology is increasingly prevalent and our expectations are ever higher. Therefore, intervention management must be efficient to ensure the quality and productivity of the business. Modern solutions like mobile applications meet these new challenges. These mobile apps can be customized for field intervention management. They offer numerous benefits such as process optimization, digitalization of processes, improved operational efficiency for teams working remotely, and better overall visibility of intervention tracking.

Here are 6 reasons to choose mobile applications for intervention management.

1. Discover the Daxium-Air Platform

One of the main advantages of an intervention management application is the ability to track activities in real-time. Field teams can instantly update all information about their interventions. It is possible to update the status of the intervention, add descriptions, send a photo of a malfunction… allowing managers to have total visibility on the progress of the work. Field data is immediately relayed to office teams and managers who are not always present at the interventions. Thus, in case of problems or anomalies, decision-making is much faster, allowing for a quick response with the possibility of implementing an action plan.

2. Optimization of Resources.

An intervention management application allows for efficient allocation of resources. Thanks to features such as task and mission planning, field teams can be assigned based on their proximity, skills, and availability. Your database allows you to have an overview of your employees and optimize your organization. With the Daxium-Air mobile app, you can plan your interventions and notify your field teams about their missions to be carried out. Thus, all your teams know in real-time the interventions to be handled, without necessarily having to go back to the office.

Plan Your Intervention Management

3. Centralization of Data Collection.

Intervention management applications facilitate real-time data collection. Field teams can record detailed information on each intervention, allowing for in-depth analysis of performance and trends. You facilitate the work of your teams and avoid data loss by not scattering your information across multiple tools, whether it be Excel files, notes, paper forms, etc. You find everything in one application, allowing your teams to focus on higher-value tasks. All your data constitute your database, which you can consult at any time, for raw information or through dashboards. As a result, you optimize your operational processes and save precious time.

4. Improved Communication.

Transparent communication allows for effective communication and better productivity. The digitization of your intervention management smoothens exchanges between all your teams. A mobile application also allows you to improve communication with your clients by offering them visibility on the tracking of interventions. Thus, everyone receives the information that concerns them in real-time, exchanges are fluid, and information feedback is easier. The Daxium-Air application also allows you to automatically send reports to managers after each intervention. These reports alert the responsible manager with a notification and improve the subsequent organization.

Digitize Your Intervention Management

5. Traceability and Data Analysis.

All your data collected in the field are precious, and you must be able to access them at any time. The database available on your application or on the web space allows you to have a detailed history of your interventions and traceability with timestamping and geographical coordinates. You can thus follow the progress of an intervention, which facilitates contract management, long-term planning, and forecasting future needs. Our Daxium-air application also allows you to manage user access, and notably offer access to your clients so they can also follow the interventions on their side. This option can be a real asset for your clients by offering them visibility and transparency of your interventions. You thus improve the quality of your customer service and increase their satisfaction.

6. Automation of Your Processes.

The automation of processes for intervention management brings several advantages, both in terms of operational efficiency and cost reduction. Using a mobile application like Daxium-air allows you to access features such as:

  • Customized workflows: according to your needs, customize and create specific workflows such as the automatic sending of reports after each intervention validation;
  • Integration with other systems: you have the option of connecting your application to other existing systems in your company to gather all data in one tool;
  • Dashboards: access reporting tools to track your performance;
  • NFC tags and QR codes: scan your tag or QR code to open forms with pre-filled data;
  • Geolocation: locate interventions on a map to facilitate access for your mobile teams and retrieve their GPS coordinates to attest to the location of the interventions.