Daxium wins its 13th award in the “Innovation Prize” category at the 2023 Mobility Awards.

Daxium-Air is elected as the most innovative platform for professional mobility.

At Daxium, we have a belief: software should adapt to your business, not the other way around. Every organization is unique, just like every profession. We are extremely proud that this belief, embodied by our mobile business application Daxium-Air, has led us to win the 2023 Mobility Award in the “Innovation Prize” category.

A no-code mobile business application that adapts to field teams.

Daxium-Air is a no-code web and mobile solution that allows you to create custom mobile business applications to streamline all operational exchanges between field teams and the headquarters on a single platform. Whether you are a salesperson, technician, auditor, site manager, or store manager, our application adapts to your needs and field teams!

Daxium-Air supports you with:

  • Creating your customized web and mobile applications;
  • Collecting, sharing and compiling your field information;
  • Scheduling your tasks in your calendars with real-time notifications;
  • Automating your processes, scenarios, and reports submissions;
  • Analyzing your data with business intelligence dashboards.

The Mobility for Business exhibition showcases best mobility practices and awards its Mobility Awards 2023.

Since 2011, Mobility for Business has established itself as the unique trade show dedicated to mobile solutions. The events gather professionals for several days of business meetings and friendly exchanges to discuss IT mobile innovations. This event allows discovering all solutions and applications for connected, mobile, and collaborative professions

The format of the trade show is praised every year for its combination of business meetings, thematic conferences, expert workshops, encounters, and debates to discover use cases, and a traditional B2B trade show.

Mobility for Business is the meeting place for:

  • Those seeking innovative solutions to facilitate their daily tasks
  • Those offering IT mobility solutions.

Throughout the event, the trade show organizes the Mobility Awards, which aim to highlight the most remarkable achievements in the industry and reward the innovation of its players. The Mobility Awards are committed to showcasing the best practices in mobility and professional efficiency. In addition to the event organizers, the jury responsible for awarding the prizes is composed of specialized IT journalists, as well as representatives of user clubs and key market players.

This year’s three categories are:

  • “Best achievement for field mobile professions (maintenance, sales, delivery…)”
  • “Best solution for enhancing business performance”
  • “Innovation Prize” › Won by Daxium-Air.

The solutions proposed are evaluated based on various criteria:

  • End users’ adherence;
  • The service provided to the user company;
  • The innovative nature of the proposed solution;
  • Productivity gains achieved through the solution;
  • Usability;
  • Originality of the approach.

About Daxium.

Daxium is a software publisher specialized in optimizing field employees’ performance. Our mission is to optimize the work of field teams and their interventions, as well as streamline their communication with the headquarters, across sectors such as retail, industry, construction, smart cities, and facility management. Our applications are used by various mobile populations : sales representatives, merchandisers, technicians, auditors…