Webinar | Replay | The Future for Industrial Businesses: Boost Your Productivity with No-Code Solutions!

Transform your business with innovative solutions tailored to your needs.

In this webinar, discover Daxium-Air, the no-code web & mobile platform designed to assist you in creating customized mobile business applications. TooSmart, a specialist in integrating no-code applications, shares expertise on the methodology to adopt based on your company’s processes and professions.

Daxium webinar boost your productivity

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No-Code : How Does It Work and Why Is It Interesting?

No-code presents itself as a visual programming interface designed for individuals unfamiliar with computer development. By directly addressing your needs, no-code solutions enable you to optimize your industrial operations and boost your company’s productivity.

Through customizable tools, you take control by creating an innovative solution that aligns with your expectations. You can create your own custom forms, collect the necessary information from the field, and then gather, save, and exploit this data.

No-code allows you to quickly and easily deploy a mobile application for your field teams.

No-Code Applications to To Optimize Your Operational Processes.

In this webinar, we present the Daxium-Air no-code web and mobile platform, designed to help you save resources while improving your operations.

Discover through the expertise and experiences of our speakers:

  • Learn how to strategically leverage no-code application to improve your operational processes;
  • Explore real-time examples of small and medium-sized industrial business that have significantly enhanced their efficiency thanks to TooSmart’s expertise and the use of Daxium-Air;
  • Participate in a live demonstration of Daxium-Air to become familiar with its intuitive interface and operation;
  • Discover how TooSmart, a company specializing in custom software development, focuses on user and business needs to develop applications that increase productivity

Reasons to Watch Our Webinar:

  • Gain insights into how No-Code applications can help optimize your operations while saving resources;
  • Explore the transformations achieved by TooSmart and Daxium-Air within industrial enterprises through innovative software solutions;
  • Interact in real-time with our experts, ask them your questions and receive personalized advices for your company.

Don’t miss this opportunity to discover how No-Code applications can be a valuable asset for your industrial business.

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Webinar Yann de Saint Vaulry

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Webinar Yann de Saint Vaulry

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Webinar Yann de Saint Vaulry

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