Webinar | Replay | Reinventing Retail Training: Keys to Success for Optimizing Sales Team Training.

Employee training for better operational performance.

In this webinar, we provide you with the keys to improve the training of your sales teams. Discover how Daxium-Air, the no-code web and mobile platform, enables retail companies to elevate their teams to better operational performance.

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Enhance the performance of your teams with effective and tailored training.

The development of your teams’ skills has become essential for your business to adapt to current trends and, most importantly, to meet new consumer expectations. Innovation is crucial to remain competitive with your peers, and training your teams allows for innovation and achieving operational excellence.

Training your sales teams not only refines their existing skills but also provides them with the opportunity to acquire new ones. Improving the performance of your teams by investing in training will benefit:

  • The quality of your service;
  • The skills and productivity of your teams;
  • Customer satisfaction;
  • The profitability of your business.

Digitize the tracking of your training with a no-code mobile application tailored to your needs.

Training represents a significant budget for retail players. It is essential that these are correctly conducted, tracked, and analyzed. Digitizing the tracking of your training through a no-code mobile application allows you to:

  • Collect all your data to avoid manual reporting for each training
  • Centralize the flow of information and save it in a database
  • Track the inventory of your training in real-time
  • Enhance your overall visibility through dashboards

Mobile business applications to achieve excellence in training.

In this webinar, we present the no-code web and mobile platform Daxium-Air, designed for your sales teams and to improve your operational excellence through training.

Through the expertise of Julien Foulatier, Retail Business Development Manager, and a presentation of all the features of Daxium-Air, discover how to:

  • Access a database of your teams, including a history of training activities;
  • Conduct staff evaluations (customized questionnaires…);
  • Record all coaching sessions (time spent, topics covered, participants…);
  • Automate real-time report generation with dashboards and KPI tracking.


This webinar is conducted in English with French subtitles.

With the participation of :

Webinar Yann de Saint Vaulry

Julien Foulatier
Retail Business Development Manager